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Along with classic staple bars that set the stage of nightlife in Budapest, new bars are also always popping up like mushrooms. Why try a new bar? Because they try harder, have better deals, and are very often just as good as the big names, but with smaller crowds. The latest bars in Budapest are the places where trends start, so if you are planning to be a part of the next big thing, and not just follow along with it, we strongly recommend checking out one of these up and coming establishments. The cult artist cafés that have turned into the hippest bars and the steampunk imagery of yesteryear have stuck hard downtown, and ruin bars are still the busy epicenters of nightlife in Budapest, but you can find any kind of bar in this city, many running a given theme or a certain circle of interests, that just might mesh well with yours. 

From posh upper class locales to down and dirty (and fun!!) bars, this list has all the fresh places you want to keep your eyes on. Just read on and find the place that best suits what you are looking for, and make sure to leave them a good review! Get to know the Szimpla of the future today, before it was hype.Here’s to something new every night in Budapest!

Yes, Gertrude

This oddly named bar is quickly making a splash in Budapest’s most sought after party district. Located in the very heart of it all, Kazinczy street, Yes, Gertrude is a very good example of what a new bar in Budapest should be like. Friendly, accessible, speaking proper English, and presenting a selection of drinks that puts Hungary on the map while still carrying all of the international favourites and trends, and of course, having absolutely exquisite bar food. It’s hard to tell whether this place is a restaurant or a bar at first sight, but the answer is simple: both! They have live music and host events as well, so expect a refined, sensible and fun night!  

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Budapest, Yes, Gertrude, Kazinczy Street, Hungary

Fehér nyúl Brewery

If you are truly, deeply involved in beer, than this relatively new Budapest bar will have what you are looking for. Fehér nyúl, or White Rabbit is a brewery, and its outside of the inner city, so it will give you a chance to see the true face of this city. Elusive at first, but greatly rewarding, following the white rabbit on a hunt through Pest will bring you limited batch beers and ales that are truly world class. Artsy, modern, and minimalist, this is a beer brewery with a human face, in as raw a form as possible. Highly recommended, both as an urban exploration, and as a feast of the senses. Start the night here and make your way back to your accommodation, with plenty of places to stop along the way. 

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Budapest, Fehér Nyúl Brewery, Soroksári Way, Hungary


Budapest has always had a surreal, bohemian side to it, and a new bar in Budapest is finally living up to the challenge and running with it. Béla is a Hungarian name, but as an acronym, it spells Bar, Eatery, Loft and Arboretum. Tons of plants in a refined loft apartment that is mainly known for its selection of cocktails, and the way they are presented. The atmosphere is what’s really special about this place, as the service is very steampunk, 20’s vibe, and everything is reminiscent of the surrealist movement. A great place to start the evening, and it is dog friendly, a  trend that is becoming quite common in the new breed of Budapest bars

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Budapest, Béla. bár, étterem, lakás, arborétum, Bartók Béla Way, Hungary


The craft beer trend is alive and well in Budapest, and the up and coming bars in this field have some big expectations to live up to. BrewDog is a British company that has decided to jump in to the Budapest nightlife, and with a craft beer pub as well. They have everything it takes to be successful: great local and imported craft beers, staff that love, understand and appreciate good beer, a fun loving and loyal crowd, and a raw but refined aesthetic that lets you get deep into the heart of the microbrew trend. Great bar food, along with seasonal, small batches and famous headliners make for a great mix for all you manbun sporting bearded beer guys.  

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Budapest, BrewDog Budapest, Anker köz, Hungary


Neverland is what we can really call a playground for adults. It is the home of no less than 5 escape rooms, a cool trend that has been sweeping Budapest by storm, and a virtual reality play room as well as a top notch bar. They also have a private room that will pamper whoever rents it out with experiences that are quite out of the ordinary. A stage with regular concerts, neon lights, or a candle lit stone wall, there are so many tiny places to get lost in this rather exclusive entertainment center. We strongly recommend booking in advance, and renting out their VIP room! 

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Neverland Bar and Escape Room Budapest, Neverland, Dohány Street, Hungary


Techtropical cocktail bar extravaganza! A little slice of Ibiza in the heart of the city. Busy, with every cocktail a re-interpretation and remodelling of the classics into tropical, fruity poolside delicacies. Fun loving and laid back, but with a great menu of drinks, make sure to try the themed selection of 3-6 shots or drinks as a package, to give your taste buds and your brain a wild ride into the urban jungle. The main obsession of the bar is the pineapple, and the promise of sweet, fruity refreshment that it represents. If you love fruity drinks, and are not above wearing a hawaiian shirt in Budapest, then this is definitely the bar for you! 

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Budapest, Piña, Madách Imre Way, Hungary

Veritas Winebar

If you are a wine aficionado, there is no reason to visit any other bar on this list. The best place for wine in this city is without a doubt Veritas. They specialize in fine wine, have bottles from all over the world, serve great meals that pair well with certain kinds of wine, and have the expertise to tell you which ones go best with which dish. Vintage classics, brand new editions, red, white and rosé, but all super high quality. If you are looking for a specific wine, or want to try something new that you can be sure you will like, this is the new bar in Budapest for you.

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Budapest, Veritas Winebar, Dohány Street, Hungary


Hotsy-totsy is an example of the new speakeasy-esque cocktail bars that have been flooding Budapest’s nightlife. What makes this special is that the bartenders are truly artists of their craft, and instead of hitting you with a menu of regular drinks, they whip up ones that are tailor made to your taste. Just tell them what you are looking for, and they will make you a special version, just for you. The atmosphere is classic Budapest: a bar that is physically underground, cool and dimly lit, with huge leather cushions and some bizarre artwork hung casually on the walls. Surprisingly affordable, but undoubtedly classy.

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Budapest, Hotsy Totsy - Bar & Barber, Síp Street, Hungary
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