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E-sports bars are quickly becoming a staple of Budapest nightlife. They are fun, interactive, draw a loyal following from a diverse array of people, and offer something to do for pretty much anyone. Far from just gamers, you can find all sorts of people in Budapest e-sports bars, as everyone enjoys a bit of games every now and again. If you have never seen a bar like this, consider going to one. They are really popping up right now, and we guarantee you will enjoy yourself. It’s like going over to a friend’s house to play and have beers, except it’s in a cool, downtown bar in Budapest, equipped with an amazing selection of drinks, friendly bilingual staff, and of course the main attraction, plenty of e-sports (which are also known to common folk as video games). From fantasy to, well, sports, brainy quests to mindless shooters, dance and movement based to online chess, there is always something fun, no matter what you are looking for, in the world of Budapest e-sports bars. Game on!


Presenting the only Budapest e-sports bar with more than one location: BarCraft! This amazing gaming bar has become a franchise through sticking to their guns: video game know-how, affordable drinks, and a nerd-friendly atmosphere that is not TOO deep in the culture to welcome n00bs. Not only are they present in multiple spots in Budapest, but they also have locations in other Hungarian cities as well. They are the first and, according to their fans, the best. PC and console games are the main focus, but board games and table tops, including card games, are also welcome! One of the few bars in Hungary where you can catch a Warhammer 40K campaign with a cocktail in hand. Open 2 PM- 2 AM, so you can get in on some serious gaming, or just drink and casually enjoy a light hearted bout of e-sports.  

What you can play there: BarCraft’s unique card system allows you to purchase time at a PC or a console of your choosing, and you can also rent a table. They have many games on hand, be sure to check out their website for the full list. 

Signature moves: The main thing that separates this e-sports bar from the rest is their flexibility. You can even open a BarCraft yourself, if you have a location. Their unique system and their acceptance of both casual and hardcore gamers is what makes them unique.

Source: Barcraft Nyugati, Facebook
BarCraft Esport Pub Budapest, BarCraft Esport Pub, Ferenc körút, Hungary

Infinity Esports Bar

Infinity is the biggest e-sports bar in Budapest, and is located at Rákóczi Street, making it very easy to get to. Aside from an amazing selection of drinks, Infinity Esports Bar has tons of bar food to keep you well fed, including a grilled mozzarella burger that is simply to die for. They also have an impressive cocktail list, including shot cocktails and long drinks named after video game characters and elements. Infinity is well known for holding events, tournaments and cons. The crowd that frequent this Budapest e-sports bar is as you would expect from such a pedigree: This is a place more for the hardcore gamers, although casual players are also welcome. Booking in advance is the sure fire way to make sure you have a table all to yourselves, but walk-ins are encouraged. Check out their website for more info.

What you can play there: Tournament games are what they are best at, like League of Legends, DOTA, and sports games like FIFA or PES. 

Signature moves: We strongly recommend checking out their events, and going to play in one of their tournaments if you are an avid gamer.

Source: Infinity Esport Bár, Facebook
Infinity Esports Bar Budapest, Infinity Esport Bár, Német Street, Hungary

InGame Gamer Bar 

InGame is NOT n00b friendly. This is the l33t gamer’s e-sports bar, a place for people who want to play and talk about video games while drinking. One of the very few e-sports bars with a VR room, a place for consoles and PCs, with tabletops only at special events. They have over 100 kinds of drinks available, but mostly, we come here for the cocktails, as InGame boasts some of the most high quality hard liquor known to man, and a bartender that knows how to mix it well. Choose from a huge list of games, and book a time slot on their website to one of their 10 high power gaming PCs, and get your game on! Their in house console is PS4, and they have an amazing selection of whiskey, and some very high class coffee to keep you sharp.

What you can play there: Huge selection of strategy and shooters, for the most part. DOTA, LOL, WarCraft nostalgia games (2 and 3), as well as whiskey tastings and quiz nights held regularly. 

Signature moves: The VR Arcade is definitely the highlight of this Esports bar, and we highly recommend booking a few hours of game time.

Source: InGame Gamer Bar and VR arcade, Facebook
InGame Gamer Bar Budapest, InGame Gamer Bar and VR arcade, Klauzál Street, Hungary

Hyp-R Zone 

This Budapest e-sports bar specializes in simulation. They have a VR arcade and an amazing simulation room, in which you can experience the full spectrum of what these games are supposed to provide you with. Three monitors are angled so that you actually feel like you are being surrounded and in control. Cockpits are designed to be as realistic as possible, mimicking a race car or aircraft perfectly. No wonder this place has been dubbed “Sim Heaven”! The VR arcade has numerous games to choose from, many of which are suitable for kids, and some extra scary ones as well. The Bar and Cafe is first class, making sure you stay hydrated and focused while immersed in the world of simulation.

What you can play there: The VR Arcade includes Beat Saber, Holodance, Job Simulator, as well as 18+ games like In Death or the famous Brookhaven Experiment. They even have a Rick and Morty themed VR game! The two amazing simulation games are custom made, and must be seen to be believed. 

Signature moves: The two signature cockpits and the largest selection of VR games in this city. This is truly the place for sim enthusiasts.  

Source: ZONE, Facebook
Hyp-R Zone Simulator Bar Budapest, Hyp-R Zone VR és szimulátor bár, szabaduló szoba, József körút, Hungary

Gamer or not, these bars are fun, sophisticated, have a fun following and provide a night of something a bit different, so we strongly urge you to visit one. They are currently trending, and are drawing large crowds from all walks of life. For a night of fun, start at an e-sports bar, and let the night take you on an adventure.

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