Sightseeing in Budapest

The must see places, the lesser-known sights, the best ways of exploring Budapest.

Your exploration starts here!


Want to know the best ways to Have Fun in Budapest?

We have collected the best of what to do in Budapest to make your
holiday in 2019
the greatest one you’ve ever had!


Hot water in cold weather

The city of water reveals its secrets

Recharge your batteries in the steaming waters of Budapest’s baths!

Take a dip!

Start 2020 with a BANG!

What to do in the beginning of the year in Budapest?

Self-care? Parties? Culture? See how 2020 kickstarts in Budapest!

Fire Away!

Have you ever had a traditional Hungarian dessert?

If you by any chance haven’t, you definitely should.

And we’ll tell you what exactly, just follow the yellow button!

Show me the sweets!

Explore Budapest

Start Here

The first things you will need while planning your trip to Budapest.

Read up on the important facts, the best sights and start planning what you’ll do to have fun in the city of unlimited opportunities!

Budapest up to date

There is so much going on in Budapest all the time it’s hard to keep track of everything.

We’ll just gonna have to try. Read about what you can do in the city today!

Through the Districts

Budapest is one of the largest capitals of Europe and as such, it boasts an immense variety of boroughs to discover.

From the hilly and peaceful Buda side to the bustling metropolis that is Pest, follow us as we explore the main areas of this diverse city!

Have Fun in Budapest

What does fun mean to you?

A pampering bath time? A blood-pumping skydiving action? Maybe a wild night-out with the locals?

Whatever it may be, you can be sure this city will deliver!

The Art of Budapest

Museums, baths and the living history within the city’s walls.

Explore Hungary’s 1000-year heritage through its diverse culture!

Eat, Drink and Play!

Budapest is for the Foodies!

As you probably know, Hungarians LOVE their eats and drinks.

Uncover the greatest secrets behind Budapest’s gastronomy scene!

Travel With Meerkats Around Budapest

Meet our furry little helpers as they introduce you to their favorite parts of Budapest!

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