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Hey guys! This is your friendly neighborhood dog lover speaking. (Or Vanessa, for the newbies) My fur baby, Bailey, is the absolute light of my life and we are basically inseparable! However, it’s not always easy to figure out where to take my puppy, as she isn’t always allowed to come along on my foodie escapades. Luckily, dogs are becoming an increasingly common sight in the streets of this lovely city and more and nowadays more places welcome pets. In this list you’ll find my recommendations of places that are not only dog friendly, but treat your doggo with love (and maybe even free treats, if your dog’s a good boy). Curious? Read on, fellow dog lovers!

Attaboy, for your good boys

Love love love Attaboy! Not only are their hamburgers and hotdogs absolutely delicious, but they were so kind to Bailey too! She’s wagging her tail practically the whole time we are there, and not only because of the delicious smells hanging in the air. As for her human counterpart, she always has a delicious time sipping on beer and listening to the music. A classic!

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Anker’t for the cool cats(/dogs)!

Nothing like a free afternoon chilling in one of Budapest’s most cozy ruin bars, right? Like many ruin bars, most of the place is located in the courtyard of the building, and you can just chill out in the sun. But even though we humans may like a good sunbathing, the sun also poses a danger to our furry friends if left out in it too long. But not at Anker’t, there are enough shadowy spots even in the middle of noon, and they will provide your dog with some lovely fresh water!

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Bistro Fine, the high society dog’s place to be!

Compared to the other two places on our list, Bistro Fine is a little more sophisticated. But despite this, they are incredibly welcoming to pets! And that’s exactly what makes a good restaurant in my book: you can sit back relaxed in your chair and fill your stomach with top notch food, knowing that your dog is content and right by your side!

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Kuzin Bar, where you might want to take your German shepherd 

You might not be aware, but yours truly is a real beer connoisseur. That’s one of the reasons why I visit Kuzin Bar on a regular basis. They have all kinds of beers, and like to change their selection up from time to time, so you always know you’re in for a treat. You’re not the only one in for a treat here however – Kuzin Bar is super dog friendly! Bailey loves it!

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Tamp & Pull, maybe order a puppochino

As I have established before, I am one hell of a coffee addict. I will drink it until my hands start shaking. But all that aside: I also love quirky spots to drink it, and Tamp & Pull is exactly that! It’s near the river, which automatically earns Bailey’s everlasting love. They’re also super nice to her, giving her treats and everything!

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Kino Café, if you’ve got a Woofy Allen at home

Breakfast is just as much our start of the day as it is our pet’s, and as Bailey and I are two peas in a pod I hate to leave her home when I’m getting breakfast in style. So at weekends I usually take her on her morning walk and then treat myself to some lovely breakfast at Kino Café. Bailey loves it as much as I do!

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Kaffeine Espresso Bar

As a coffee lover I tend to frequent coffee shops, which is why there’s a few on my list. Kaffeine Espresso Bar is one of my dog friendly favorites though, because both me and my dog can chill out, drink coffee and munch on snacks. Although it’s usually me ordering and her stealing my cake! That said, Kaffeine Espresso Bar cake has the Bailey stamp of approval! (And mine too)

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La Mimosa, for the doggo’s who’d like to share some spaghetti

A dog friendly Italian restaurant could not be left out from this list! It’s probably my cuisine and oh, if my girl didn’t enjoy spaghetti al ragu just as much! I wouldn’t recommend feeding it to your dog but do expect the staff to welcome your dog with open arms and bring him a bowl of water.

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Központ, for our hipper furry friends

I mainly go to Központ to make Instagram stories and enjoy some lovely coffee amongst the digital nomads, hipster tourists and cool locals camping out there. Luckily Bailey is just as welcome. While she’s a pretty hip dog if I do say so myself, she can get whiny if I don’t give her a piece of her favorite pastry at Központ. What can I say – she keeps me grounded.

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Mazel Tov, because your dog’s worth it

Sometimes, Bailey doesn’t feel much for chilling under a table next to me. On those days I take her to Mazel Tov, where she and her furry brothers and sisters can freely roam the dog-friendly garden. In Mazel Tov I can sit back and just relax, beaming that my dog is having a good time. She deserves it after all!

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