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If you happen to be in Budapest, why not take a time out and indulge in a relaxing spa treatment or surprise those who stayed home with a fresh and trendy haircut? And since Budapest’s hair stylists and cosmeticians are extremely talented, you don’t need to worry about accidentally ending up with a mullet or a pulled muscle! Hungary’s capital has a bunch of awesome beauty salons and famous hair dressers from whose skills you might want to benefit. Nowadays, however, barber shops have also started popping up all over the city, offering authentic and untamed shaver’s experience for men. Apart from professional barbers specialized in the grooming of hair and beards, these shops put a specific and irresistible atmosphere front and center. So if you feel like diving into the Budapest hair salon and beauty scene, just drop by one of these places! To make your choice easier, we have created a list featuring the best hair and beauty salons and barber shops around.

A-List Salon & SPA

The A-List Salon & SPA is especially popular among tourists who need to unwind after a exhausting yet fun sightseeing tour through Budapest. In addition to fancy haircuts, customers are offered excellent spa and wellness services. These include special baths as well as exclusive body treatments, such as a Tibetan back massage with honey or a pedicure – either done by an employee or tiny fish! Since this beauty salon has proven itself quite a success, there are two premises, one on each side of the city.

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A-List Salon & SPA Budapest, A-list Salon & Spa Pest, József nádor tér, Hungary


Close – the name says it all because the fundamental maxim of this hair salon is people-centeredness, thus taking the hairdressers closer to their customers and their wishes. While always striving for maximalism that shows itself in the high-quality services Close is known for, they also put great emphasis on sustainability, referring to both environmentalism and the easy at-home-handling of a new hairstyle. Whatever you’re looking for – be it the latest trend or a classic, natural-looking style -, you’ll definitely get it at Close!

Source: Close
Close Hair Salon Budapest Budapest, Close, Tátra utca, Hungary

Heaven in Style

If you want to enjoy a proper all-round feel-good package, you should pay a visit to Heaven in Style. This Budapest beauty salon offers cosmetic treatments, manicures as well as classical hairdressing. Heaven in Style is always following the latest, innovative trends dominating the world of style. But don’t worry if you’re not a novelty-seeking fashionista, the skilled team can also let your usual haircut shine in new splendor. One of their specialties are eyebrow tattoos, which are either done via microblading or the powdery shading technique for a maximum level of impressiveness!

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Heaven in Style Budapest, Heaven In Style Beauty Salon, Szemere Street, Hungary

Rituale Beauty and Spa

One of the latests additions to Budapest’s wellness scene is Rituale Beauty and Spa. All their massages and beauty treatments aim at total relaxation, so that the client’s batteries are recharged in a twinkling. And they truly have the character of a thorough ritual: Instead of pre-made massage creams, each customer gets to enjoy a tailor-made blend consisting of various cruelty-free and natural lotions, essences and oils. You want more than just one treatment? Book the Rituale Package, including an oily Thai massage, aroma therapy and facial treatment!

Source: Rituale Beauty and Spa, Facebook
Rituale Beauty and Spa Budapest, Veres Pálné Street 33, Hungary

Barber Shop

Established in 2014, Barber Shop is the very first barber shop franchise in Budapest and Hungary in general. By now, there are more than ten shops all over the Hungarian capital where you can get a glimpse of the real Australian barber world.  Based on this model, customers get to experience an extremely laid-back ambience, the traditional hot-towel treatment and old-school as well as modern cuts for hair and beard. Man up, go there and give your beard the treatment it deserves!

Source: Barber Shop Budapest
Barber Shop Király Street Budapest, Barber Shop Budapest, Király Street, Hungary

Black Sheep Barber Shop

Another place where you can experience authentic barber shop atmosphere is the Black Sheep Barber Shop. Although it is held in the retro style of the 60s, clients can get their hair and beards trimmed in the latest fashion. Always focused on their well-being, employees do not only treat them with premium products exclusively, but also offer them beer and coffee to sweeten their waiting time in case they haven’t booked an appointment. The ambience at the Black Sheep Barber Shop is in general extremely welcoming, so don’t hesitate to bring your girlfriend or dog!

Source: Black Sheep Barber Shop Budapest, Facebook
Black Sheep Barber Shop Budapest, Black Sheep Barber Shop Budapest, Erzsébet körút, Hungary

Dandy the Barber

Last but not least, there is also Dandy the Barber, another barber shop focusing on manly beards and stylish haircuts for gents. Opened in 2016 right in the heart of Budapest, it is the place to go for men in search of a new and well-groomed look. If you decide to check out the talents of Dandy’s barbers, you will not only benefit from a professional service complying with traditional values, but also marvel at a sleek interior design and get pampered with premium products.

Source: Dandy the Barber, Facebook
Dandy the Barber Budapest, Dandy The Barber, Irányi Street, Hungary
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