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Hungarian gastronomy has never really been about street food, or about getting your food fast. But lately, Budapest street food has exploded, and now, this is definitely one of the best cities for munchies on the go.

Recent legislature that made offering food mandatory to venues that want to serve alcohol after 10 PM has made sure almost every bar in the inner city has some kind of food. And not just some kind either, but awesome handmade burgers, pizza, pho, kebabs, Asian fusion, vegan and vegetarian options, and various popular, now trending foods paired with typical Magyar cuisine. Street food in Budapest borrows from Hungarian cuisine, but is usually “foreign” in origin. Lately, a trend of fusing internationally loved street food with Hungarian flavors has emerged. Let us show you the best places for street food in Budapest with this simple and easy guide!

Pizza and Pasta

Digó Pizza

Real Napolitana Pizza! Made with few but extremely fresh ingredients, this is about the closest you will get to authentic Italian Pizza, in the styée of Napoli. Cooked over a wood stove with strictly high end ingredients.


A little slice of Italian sunshine. Embracing the hectic location, and bumping it up a notch with amazing food, this pizzeria is authentic both in cuisine and in spirit. Mamma mia!

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Minimalist in design, and maximalist in flavor, a winning idea wrapped in a paper box. Combining the essence of Asian noodles (paper box full of delicious pasta) with the simple yet gratifying Italian pasta, this restaurant just opened up it’s second stall!

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Budapest Delicacies


Breaded, fried cheese is a staple Hungarian food, and is a big part of our cuisine. In Paneer, you can try it in a burger, or with fries. They get creative with something that is as standard as possible, and you won’t believe the flavors Paneer can conjure up. Say cheese!

Bors Gasztrobár

Hungarian food with a classy twist. You will find local flavors and, an homage to Hungarian soup culture at Bors, but done with a focus on street food sensations. Wraps, paper cups, and edible portions of blissful and filling Magyar cuisine.


Vegan and vegetarian


A Hungarian fast food restaurant that is mostly vegan? A dream come true! Hungarian specialties, soups, stews and so much more, along with international vegan favourites! Cheap, green and filling.

Vegan Love

Vegan street food specialties on the go! Different kinds of hot dogs, burgers and other hand held goodies. Amazing smoothies too, and it’s all guilt free!

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For Meat Lovers


Meat, meat and more meat! Focusing on unadorned meat presented in Hungarian style, there is broiled, cooked and even raw options. Strictly for meat lovers.

Buja Disznók

Pork is the most important meat in Hungarian cuisine. We like to use all parts of the animal, including the lungs, the ears, and even the nails. This place fuses schnitzels with this approach to the pig for a truly delightful restaurant.

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Bp BARbq

It’s a bar! It’s a butcher shop! It’s BPBBQ! BARbeque indeed, located in the party district, with food and drinks for carnivores. Grab a shot, grab a dog, and down the hatch.


Grill and beer is the specialty of this most meat-oriented place. Located right next to the Basilica, and serving craft beer with great steak, this is the perfect lunch place.  

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Bamba Marha

With 4 locations throughout the city, Bamba Marha is one of the biggest high quality, handmade burger joint in Budapest. Vegetarian options as well as special sauces (have you ever tried baconnaise?) make for a surprisingly affordable dining experience.


No more junk food! The finest ingredients go into Zing burgers, proving that fast food does not have to sacrifice quality for mass production. Affordable, high quality burgers and snacks await you at Zing burger.

Deep Burger

This burger joint is the perfect place for an after-party burger time having 7 restaurants around the party quarter all open after midnight on weekends. With their fully homemade ingredients and original, USA-imported specialty sauces, a hearty feast is guaranteed any time of the day!

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Hungarian Cuisine

Gulyás Tunkoló

The last drops of the thick soups and stews of Hungarian food are usually soaked up with a piece of bread. This is called “tunkolni”, and that is exactly what you can do at this traditional Hungarian restaurant.

Retro Lángos Büfé

Lángos is our version of fried dough. It is a potato and flour based dough that is deep fried in tons of oil. Not a healthy snack by any means, but one of the most satisfying fast food experiences, Lángos is traditionally served with sour cream and garlic, but with infinite variations available here.



The name means soup in Hungarian.  Soup is not a starter here, very frequently, it is the main course. And sometimes the dessert too. Get i on the action, and get to know an integral part of Hungarian cuisine in a minimalistic yet perfectly balanced little venue.  


Pörkölt is a staple Hungarian dish that is a thick, meaty stew (luckily, there is mushroom pörkölt for all you vegetarians out there), flavoured with paprika, cumin, salt, onions and garlic, topped with sour cream and a side of pickles. It is one of a kind and is a heavy main course. This restaurant is dedicated to the many different kinds of pörkölt.  

Kató Néni Finomságai

Enter the pantry and kitchen of a Hungarian grandma (“néni”), and see what delightful foods are available. Focusing on funnel cake, feel good sweets and home cookin’ , Kató néni is sure to rock your sweet tooth.  


Asian Cuisine

Funky Pho

There are lots of Vietnamese restaurants in Budapest, but Funky Pho is perhaps the best of them. Great Pho, awesome interior and a host of other kinds of South Asian cuisine makes this a paradise for Asian fusion cooking.


Sushi inspired by Australian trends. Get some HUGE maki rolls on the go, with your choice of a variety of fish and frutti di mare, eggs, vegetables or mushrooms. All the joy of an authentic Japanese restaurant, without any of the wait.

Smart Kitchen

Known for their delectable noodles and amazing fried rice, this is Asian fusion cooking honed to perfection. Smart Kitchen has a health conscious approach to Chinese foods, and has filling, satisfying meals that are actually good for you.

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