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After a long sightseeing tour through Budapest, one sure feels pretty exhausted. The best way to recharge your batteries is to enjoy a hearty meal that does not only fill your stomach, but also lets you enter food heaven. In other words: You need a burger! Good thing there are countless street food vendors in Budapest, which offer a multitude of variations of the American classic. Apart from the traditional combination of juicy beef, pickles, tomatoes, onions and salad, you’ll also encounter burgers with exotic ingredients such as jalapeños, peanut butter or pineapple, Hungarian-style burgers as well as vegetarian and vegan options. To make sure you find a place offering a version that matches your taste, the following list gives you all necessary information on the best burger joints in Budapest!


Since a burger is the street food par excellence, we strongly recommend you to check out Karaván, a street food court right in the heart of Budapest. Open daily, this hip place provides you with both an authentic festival atmosphere and amazing food. As there are many different food trucks, you have plenty of choices, also when it comes to burgers. Besides the “regular” burgers by Zing Burger&Co, you can flatter your palate with the BBQ sandwiches by Smokey Monkies BBQ or a vegan burger at Las Vegan’s. If you’re craving something more exotic, you should order something at Lángos Burger, as they use the traditional Hungarian flatbread as burger buns.

Who should visit: Because of its wide selection of different kinds of burgers, Karaván is the ideal place to go to if you’re roaming the city with a larger group of people. No need to discuss about menus before – this street food court will make everyone happy!

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Street Food Karavan Budapest Budapest, KARAVAN, Kazinczy Street, Hungary

Bamba Marha Burger Bár

Bamba Marha” might be translated to “goofy cow”, but the concept of this restaurant is everything but stupid. The exquisite blend of tastes you’ll get to experience once you take a bite of your burger is achieved by the exclusive use of fresh and organic ingredients coming from local producers. Furthermore, all of their sauces are home-made. The menu varies depending on the joint’s location. So if you feel like trying out the funky Elvis Burger which unites everything the King of rock’n’roll loved (peanut butter, bananas, bacon and blueberry jam), you should definitely go to the Bamba Marha at Deák Ferenc tér. Regular burgers aren’t spicy enough for you? Check out the flaming hot Hellfire Burger at the restaurant close to the Basilica and see if you can handle the pain!

Who should visit: Bamba Marha is the perfect spot for everyone who wants to enjoy a high-quality burger at a more than reasonable price. Also adventurous foodies will be delighted with the location-dependent specials with unusual ingredients.

Source: Bamba Marha Burger Bár, Facebook
Bamba Marha Andrássy Budapest, Bamba Marha Burger Bar, Andrássy út, Hungary

Zing Burger&Co

At Zing Burger&Co, you don’t just get a premium burger – you get a premium burger which took Hungarian street food culture to an entirely new level. Always focused on selling high-quality products, Zing relies on self-sufficiency: Not only do they make their very own sauces, but also bake the buns and even mince the meat for their delicious beef patties, thus being one of the few burger-makers in Hungary who follow this procedure.


Who should visit: Basically everyone who appreciates an outstanding burger. They also offer a goat cheese burger, so vegetarians and cheese-lovers will get their money worth, too.

Source: Zing Burger&Co, Facebook
Zing Burger Király Street Budapest, Zing Burger, Király Street, Hungary

Deep Burger

Deep Burger is a popular Hungarian burger joint with numerous locations all over Budapest. Everything on their menu is home-cooked from ingredients that were locally grown and sourced in order to support the local economy. This does not only apply to the vegetables, but also to the soft buns and juicy patties. The only exception are the sauces which are not housemade, but imported straight from the USA, so that every single burger is given a truly American flavour.

Who should visit? As Deep Burger has very extensive opening hours, it is the ideal place to go to for a late-night snack after a long night of partying. Their mouthwatering burgers will surely help you fighting the munchies!

Source: Deep Burger, Facebook
Deep Burger Dob Street Budapest, DEEP Burger, Dob Street, Hungary


The name already says it all: In this restaurant, it is all about barbecue! Take a look at the menu and you’ll be surprised how many different culinary delights can actually be created with the help of a decent grill. Apart from beef and pulled pork burgers, BP BARbq also offers wraps, chicken wings, sandwiches and ribs. And if you’re ravenously hungry, you can always order the “Monster”, the probably biggest burger in town!

Who should visit: BP BARbq is a restaurant for true meat lovers with great appetite who’d love to enjoy a delicious cocktail besides their rich meal.

Source: BP BARbq, Facebook
BP BARbq Budapest, Bp BARbq, Akácfa Street, Hungary

Buddies Burger

The concept of Buddies Burger is already suggested by its name: Enjoying tasty burgers in a friendly and hospitable atmosphere, just as it is created when hanging out with friends! To make everyone feel welcome, this burger joint offers the possibility to choose between beef, chicken, and bean patties, which then form the basis of one of their numerous imaginative creations. If you go there, make sure to check out their monthly special, which is always something so innovative that it can’t be found anywhere else!

Who should visit: Whoever feels like eating a yummy burger in a relaxed environment. Suited for meat fans, vegetarians, conservative burger eaters and culinary adventurers alike.

Source: Buddies Burger, Facebook
Buddies Burger Budapest, Buddies Burger, Magyar Street, Hungary

Black Cab Burger

Many burger joints let you to pick an item from a fixed menu and allow only slight modifications, such as getting rid of an ingredient you can’t stand. At Black Cab Burger, you won’t encounter this problem since you’re allowed to customise your own burger! Choose a size, your preferred sort of meat, and as many toppings as you want, ranging from Swiss cheese to grilled pineapple.

Who should visit: Since this place gives you the opportunity to build your own burger according to your wishes, it is ideal for picky eaters and culinary free spirits who’d love to bring their own creations onto their plate.

Source: Black Cab Burger, Facebook
Black Cab Burger Budapest, Black Cab Burger, Rákóczi út, Hungary


You feel as if you were close to starving and only a savoury, tasty burger could save your life? Go to LUCKY 7 and order their signature double burger! If you order this giant in a menu with a hearty side dish, your needs will definitely be satisfied for more than just a while. Apart from their burger selection, that also includes a Hungarian one with regional specialties such as grilled goose liver and paprika-tomato stew, this burger joint also offers various salads, pasta as well as Hungarian dishes.

Who should visit: Everyone with a great appetite that only a massive burger can satisfy. Also a good restaurant to drop by if you’re planning to grab food with someone who’s not that much into burgers, since they have a wide range of other options.

Source: LUCKY 7 Burgers & More, Facebook
Lucky 7 Burgers & More Budapest, lucky 7 burgers and more, Piarista Street, Hungary

Las Vegan’s 

Being a vegan in Budapest can be hard sometimes, as this city can be considered a meatropolis. Nevertheless, there are some restaurants offering entirely plant-based dishes, one of them being the popular burger joint Las Vegan‘s. In contrast to the typical veggie patty consisting of potatoes, peas and carrots, they use a multitude of innovative and mouthwatering creations, such as mushroom, seitan or even algae patties.

Who should visit: Although their offer is entirely vegan, this doesn’t mean that Las Vegan’s is exclusively for vegans and vegetarians. Everyone who feels like trying out a plant-based burger or seitan nuggets is welcome!

Source: Las Vegan's, Facebook
Las Vegan's Budapest, Las Vegan's, Kazinczy Street, Hungary
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