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You might be surprised to learn that Budapest boasts several enjoyable and truly stunning hikes and natures trails. Aside from sightseeing in the city center, trailing in the outdoors has becoming a more and more trending activity for tourists visiting Budapest. Anyone hungering for heavenly scenery, panoramic viewpoints, and breath of fresh air will be glad to hear about the several hiking trails in Budapest mere minutes from the city center. We’ve gathered some of Budapest’s best hiking and nature trails for everyone from your still-teetering toddler to the expert trekker!

Scramble to the top of Hungary’s Towering Dobogókő

Definitely among the top picks for Budapest hikes, this mountain peak can be accessed from Hungarys quaint little town of Dömös. Visitors seeking to take it to the top have their pick among several trails, all which lead up to a viewpoint that is well worth the energy spent to get there! Each trail varies in difficulty, so you can find the exact one that suits your fitness level and desires, but each will no doubt offer eyefuls of stunning scenery that you wont want to miss. Imagine traipsing through a volcanic landscape featuring ruins of a centuries-old clay mine, verdant canyons, a lush oak forest and more! And the best part about this trek?  At the very top of the peak is a surprisingly modern lookout tower, as well as amenities such as restaurants, a hotel, several picturesque picnic spots and a ski slope for the winter!

The Lookout Tower of Dobogókő
Dömös, Dobogókői Kilátó, Hungary

Join your friends for an afternoon jaunt up János Hill

Hands-down the top pick for weekend ramblers and those looking to spend a lovely afternoon amid some of Budapests most beautiful scenery, János Hill offers visitors an idyllic spot to enjoy nature, right amid the city limits. Officially the highest point in all of Budapest, János Hill is a decidedly less strenuous nature stroll that can truly be enjoyed by all. The trail is also quite flexible, as it can be accessed from many starting points, like the banks of the Danube, letting you wind your way up through Budas suburbia then up through winding and wondrous woods. And thats just one of the options. There is also another popular option for those that may not necessarily be ready to hoof it up this hill, but still want to see that awesome 360-degree panorama from the lookout (Elizabeth Lookout Tower) at the top. A chairlift is actually available, whisking whoever wants to be sittinpretty as they shuttle up to the summit. So pack a lunch and wrangle up the kids or your significant other for an afternoon romp or a romantic sunset, youll be glad you did!

The starting point of the chairlift that takes you up János Hill
Chairlift János-hegy, Budapest
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Budapest, Zugligeti Libegő, Zugligeti Way, Hungary

Get to Steppin’ on Sas and Gellért Hills

Also among the more casual and non-killer Budapest nature trails, these adjacent hills are favorites of those staying the city, who long for a few hours away from the frantic pace yet dont have all day to travel to a trail head. The fact that these hills are just peeking from beyond the city limits means that they are perfect for an afternoon visit, without your having to set aside a whole day for traveling to and from. In fact, that can even leave you with enough time to tackle both hills in one foul swoop. After all, each one, while offering some good exercise, are mild enough to brave in tandem. The best features of these hilltop treks are the lovely views of Hungarys capital that each offers. Gellért Hill gives you a gander at the famed Danube River, especially radiant when viewed from this vantage point at sundown, while Sas Hill provides a perfect perch to survey equally breathtaking views of Budapest.

THe Sas Hill Lookout Tower Budapest, Sas-hegy kilátó, Tájék Street, Hungary
The place to start your walk up Gellért Hill
Budapest Gellért Hill 1st District
Budapest, Szent Gellért lépcső, 1013 Hungary
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Haul Up Hárs Hill

Offering a bit less busy trek (versus the slightly more frequented trails above), Hárs Hill is also a great bet. In our opinion, this locale really offers the best of both worlds, as it is close to the city for those who cant spend a whole day away, yet its lack of paved roads in lieu of natural paths allows you a more authentic wilderness-type experience. While you enjoy the seclusion and quiet contemplative environment of these idyllic woods, knowing that Kaán Károly Tower and its tremendous vantage point are awaiting you at the top is the perfect carrot to encourage you onward. And the most unique facet of this Budapest hiking trek? At the foot of the hill, a wildly popular Childrens Railway, managed entirely by kiddos, provides you the option of riding your way up the hill as well. So, whether you decide to train hard via cardio and your own two feet, or trainhard taking some selfies on a kid-led locomotive, an afternoon traveling up Hárs Hill is sure to be a win.

Children's Railway Hűvösvölgy Station - taking you up to Hárs Hill
Children's Railway
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Budapest, Hűvösvölgy, Children's Railway, Hungary
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Climb Up to a Castle in Visegrád

If youve got a bit more time to tinker with, a perfect day trip from Budapest (only about a 45-minute train ride away) is Visegrád. This small and picturesque Hungarian town is perched along the idyllic banks of the Danube and is home to a great hiking trail that takes you to to historic for castle ruins.

Hop on a train from Budapest’s Nyugati or Keleti train stations and enjoy the ride, watching as Hungarys landscape passes you by. Get off at the Nagymaros-Visegrád station and get ready for another adventure! To get to Visegrád from the train station you’ll need to cross the Danube on a scenic ferry ride over to the other side.

Follow well-marked signs to the trail, which will take you all the way up to the castle. Although not intense, the trail provides some pretty scenery and pristine lookout points over the Danube. After your hike, you can even explore the beautiful little town, making for a perfect day getaway.


Trekking alone can be an amazing experience full of (self)discoveries, but taking an expert guide along on your journey has even more benefits. If you’re looking to get the most out of your trip to these stunning locations, look up Outdoor Adventures Hungary for amazing guided hikes in and around the city!

The Castle of Visegrád
Visegrád, High Castle, Várhegy, Hungary
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