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Hungarian music and Hungarian composers have always played an important role in the international art scene, so attending a live concert in Budapest is basically a must for every music-loving traveler in the city.

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! For those who dont know me, Im Vanessa! Im from Spain, and ever since I was a little girl, music filled my house. It was a huge part of our family tradition, so its no surprise that one of my favorite things is listening to live music!

As for me, Im a little bit of a chameleon so my musical taste is quite colorful and ever-changing. I love all kinds, which is why I love Budapest so much. When it comes to good music venues, there is no shortage of music programs, restaurants, pubs, concert halls and ruin pubs in Budapest that offer just that. Read on, as I break down the best live music venues in the Budapest nightlife scene for you, no matter who you are!

Party on a Boat

I dont know about you, but sometimes when I listen to really, really good music, I feel almost like floating away on some audio ocean wave. Maybe thats why I love Budapests A38 Boat so much, as its actually a reconstructed Ukranian ship. Seriously…

Although its known for its live concerts in the evening and fun parties, there is a restaurant and bar onsite that serves a delicious daily menu. And, whether youre a concert goer or more of a diner, the view of the Danube alone will really float your boat. So, the next time you are searching for some great live melodies in a unique locale, ride the tides to A38 Boat for some ear-pleasing tunes.

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Budapest’s Live Music Haven

Dürer Kert is the perfect place to experience the current live music scene of Budapest, a place frequented by some of the best local bands and popular international performers alike. With a long history as one of the most popular live music venues, this jam-zone offers one of the widest selections of music from hard techno to indy rock or pop music. The nightly mix of concerts, DJ sets, and various events in its outdoor pebbled garden with a stage under the stars encourages you to party till the sun comes up. The venue also boasts several indoor music halls as well which oftentimes play different genres of music. What a way to mix the best of all the worlds!

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The Underground King

If you are looking to explore the Budapest underground music scene, Lámpás is THE place to be. Imagine kicking back some beers in an underground cellar-type pub that is filled with fellow bohemians, all vibinout to some good old fashioned rockabilly, acoustic jazz and blues tunes. If youre a fan of that kind of relaxed atmosphere, that just so happens to also be a pretty cheap place to drink (no food here), set your sights towards this cool cat joint!


Folk Paradise

Kobuci Kert is also a favorite, as I tend to like any concert venue in Budapest that offers the chance to enjoy tunes al fresco in the open-air. This club in Budapest sits in the courtyard of the Zichy Palace of Óbuda, giving it kind of a funky, festival ground-type vibe. From Hungarian folk music to numerous other genres, this locale, which features a super cool sunken garden, is an ideal open-air option to groove to some good live music and banter with friendly people. The venue is open from late spring to early autumn.

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Flashy New-Wave Joint

The most modern of the Budapest music venues on this list is Akvárium Klub. I call it classic cool and cutting-edge! This ultra-chic locale is situated in Elisabeth Square in the city center, offering the height of couture culture, at least in my humble opinion. From rock concerts to dance house events, this unique center offers such a wide range of exciting options that span the spectrum of musical interests, from mainstream to underground, the problem wont be finding one you love, it will be choosing from them all! There are even multifunctional spaces and a bistro restaurant on-site as well.

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Budapest’s First Ruin Bar

Theres something way cool about taking an old factory and completely revamping it into a funky music locale, which is exactly what Szimpla Kert, the first and one of the most popular ruin bars of Budapest managed to do. Now, the huge open-air cinema and pub lends itself as the perfect place to put on the most primo theatre shows and concerts in the nightlife of Budapest. What I like most about Szimpla is its refusal to be boxed in to providing just one genre of music. Instead, the venue prides itself on offering tune loveto all tastes. This theme of love extends straight to concert goers too, as there are at least a few free concerts held each week for all. Cool, right? Did I mention that they also house a huge pub with old mismatched furniture and an old beater car? The perfect place to experience the city’s nightlife and the Budapest ruin pub scene!

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The House of Jazz in Budapest

For those interested in a more refined and classic outing, Opus Jazz Club one of the most popular jazz joints in Budapest is a surefire choice. Enjoy a nice meal, while listening to primo live jazz by some of the favorite Hungarian performers and international jazz greats! With world class live acts almost every night, you can’t go wrong with this venue. Just be sure to bring your appetite for a good grub and great vibes.

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So, until next time, my people, Hasta Luego!

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