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When millennials aren’t busy spreading avocado on their morning toasts or working three different jobs, they are enjoying what must be the essence of the millennial Zeitgeist: the brunch. It is the coffeehouse of the millennial generation, where the ideas, hangover headaches and Instagram posts richly flow. Budapest, housing a vibrant mix of locals, expats and tourists, has taken the necessary steps to accommodate the young (and older!) crowds by providing a brunch place on virtually every street corner. Of course, this wide variety makes it hard to navigate the brunch scene properly – where do they make the best french toast? Where are the cool crowds? What are the instagram-worthy spots? Don’t you worry though! We have written it all down for you. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best brunch places in Budapest.


A la Maison Grand

Found in the most central district of Budapest, only a few minutes away from the Danube, A la Maison Grand is a lovely way to start your day. With a nice interior, friendly staff and of course, delicious food, it’s a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. Make sure to reserve or go early, because it can get crowded!

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Budapest, À la Maison Grand - Breakfast and Brunch, Exclusive sandwiches, Restaurant, Caffeteria, Szervita tér, Hungary


Déryné is a cosy restaurant with a lovely terrace on the Buda side. While it is not only a brunch place (it welcomes guests in the evening as well, accompanied by a live band), it still deserves a spot on this list. It is slightly more costly than other restaurants in Budapest, but its visitors all agree that the food and atmosphere makes it all worth it.

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Budapest, Déryné Bisztró, Krisztina tér, Hungary


An atmospheric restaurant in the seventh district, Kaptafa is a lovely place to get your most important meal of the day. The food is great, the prices are very afforable and the staff is friendly. You might want to try their popular CPR sandwich or Molnárka. While there, definitely don’t miss out on their extensive tea collection either!

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Budapest, Kaptafa Kkt., Nyáry Pál Street, Hungary


STIKA is a well-known brunch place among Budapestians, mainly because of its good coffee, amazing pancakes and lovely egg dishes. They offer options for all your dietary needs, from vegan and vegetarian dishes to glutenfree. And on top of those benefits, their interior would look great on your instagram feed!

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Budapest, STIKA Budapest, Dob Street, Hungary

Csendes Tars

The owner of Csendes Tars hasn’t lied about their restaurant’s name: the lovely little restaurant is located right next to a park in a quiet part of inner Budapest. And that’s just what “Csendes” means. Quiet. Their food is fresh and creative, the atmosphere cosy. Definitely worth a visit!

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Budapest, Csendes Társ WineBar & Garden, Magyar Street, Hungary


HILDA prides itself on its ethical and inclusive stance on food: they accommodate all dietary needs, their eggs and poultry are free range and all of their ingredients come from local organic farms and artisan bakeries. The restaurant is also located in a beautiful and newly renovated building designed by Jozsef Hild. Really – if not for the food, you should check out HILDA just for its amazing tiled, colorful walls!

Budapest, HILDA Budapest, Nádor Street, Hungary

Fekete Café

You don’t have to worry about being too late to brunch in Fekete Café, as it offers all day breakfast. The restaurant has a modern, stylish interior and serves up fresh, trendy dishes. It is especially a must-visit in the summer months, when the beautiful and spacious 19th century courtyard is open to the public!

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Budapest, Fekete, Múzeum körút, Hungary

Gerlóczy Café

Gerlóczy Café is where you’ll understand why Budapest is nicknamed Paris of the East. The little cafe, hidden in a quiet part of the inner city, looks just like a French bistro, both from the inside and the outside. The dishes are a little pricier than your average Budapest restaurant, but the lovely taste of the food and atmosphere will make you forget the price tag.

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Budapest, Gerlóczy Cafe, Gerlóczy Street, Hungary


If you’re concerned about the state of the planet or the freshness of your food, Fruccola is the place to be. They strive to manage their restaurant in the greenest way possible, offer vegan, vegtarian, glutenfree and lactosefree dishes and make sure to package everything in an eco-friendly way. On top of that, the food is very affordable, fresh, healthy and of course, tasty!

Budapest, Fruccola, Kristóf tér, Hungary
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Budapest Baristas

Popular amongst the trendier people in Budapest, Budapest Baristas offers an impressive range of breakfast foods, including bagels, pancakes, yoghurt and granola, etc. It also offers these delicacies all day, so you won’t have to drag yourself out of bed at an ungodly time just to be able to sink your teeth into a delicious avocado toast. Luxurious, eh?

Budapest, Budapest Baristas, Múzeum körút, Hungary
Source: Budapest Baristas
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