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Hey there! For those who don’t know me yet, my name is Vanessa. I love music, teahouses and well, shopping.  I’ve just come back from my latest shopping spree and noticed that vintage fashion has become incredibly popular in Budapest. No wonder. More and more young people find that high street fashion is too generic. If you want to have an individual look, you need to go a vintage shop. There’s something magical about these stores. They’re like a treasure chest of goodies or a time machine that transports you back to the fashion styles of previous generations. Many vintage items are timeless classics that can easily be adopted to the latest trends, and yet, you still get a very unique look. Also, vintage clothes are more reasonably priced and eco-friendlier. I hope you don’t need any more convincing, but if you do, check out this blog post. I’ve collected my favourite Budapest vintage shops, so you can fall in love with this trend too. Enjoy!

Szputnyik Shop


20 Dohány Street (2 minutes from Astoria)

22 Király Street (Entrance from across Gozsdu Court)

Opening hours: MON-SUN: 10 am – 8 pm

Let me start by Szputnyik which is one of the oldest vintage stores in Budapest. They opened their first shop in 2009. Now they have two locations, both amazing and both downtown, plus an online shop in case you want to order from abroad. I visit Szputnyik every time I’m in Budapest and I never leave empty handed. They don’t just sell vintage clothes, but brand-new ones too, because they believe that by combining vintage with modern pieces, one can create a very original, eclectic & fun look. They stock a great selection of accessories too for both men and women such as bags and backpacks, jewellery, sunglasses, watches and pins. Plus, they have lots of printed T-shirts and hoodies for boys. It’s a very cool place to visit. Don’t miss it.

Things I scored here: a Fjallraven backpack, Dr Martens leather boots and an ugly Christmas sweater

Source: Szputnyik Budapest
Szputnyik Shop Budapest, Szputnyik shop D20, Dohány Street, Hungary

Ever After Budapest Boutique

Location: 6/A  Kazinczy Street

Opening hours: MON-SUN: 11 am – 8 pm

Ever After on the other hand is quite new. Evelin & Adam opened their nicely renovated basement shop at the beginning of Budapest’s famous ruin pub street, Kazinczy street in 2018. They sell vintage clothes as well as items from local designers. They also stock lots of girly items like lace dresses, embroidered tops, flared skirts, and glamorous velvet, beaded items for vintage princesses. You’ll also find rare Levi’s denim, vintage baseball jackets, awesome band T shirts and lots of leather items here. Plus, the owners are very friendly, so don’t forget to pop in and look around.

Things I scored here: a super soft, French purple and green velvet jacket and a lovely vintage polka dot dress

Source: Ever After Budapest
Ever After Budapest Boutique Budapest, Ever After Budapest, Kazinczy Street, Hungary

Antifactory Vintage Shop

Location: 43 Paulay Ede Street

Opening hours: MON-SAT: 12 am – 9 pm

When in Budapest Antifactory is one of the first places I visit for shopping. Their clothes are really stylish and also have great quality. Every piece is unique; therefore, you won’t see other people wearing the same clothes as you. There are many good vintage shops in Budapest, but honestly, this one has a wonderful combination of original clothes and reasonable prices. Also, the owner is super friendly and each item feels like it was handpicked especially for me. I really enjoy the atmosphere here, I’m sure you will too.

Things I scored there: an A-Line turquoise skirt from the 60’s and a pair of turquoise sunnies

Source: Antifactory Facebook
Antifactory Vintage Shop Budapest, Antifactory Vintage Shop, Paulay Ede Street, Hungary

Öltöző – Dressing Room

Location:  24 Síp Street

Opening hours: MON-FRI: 1 pm – 8 pm, SAT: 12 am – 7 pm

Although it’s actually a basement, this vintage outlet / second hand shop feels more like an old attic than a dressing room. There’s just so may clothes and accessories stuffed together that it’s impossible to leave empty-handed. The price is slightly above average, but it’s worth it because the items are so diverse. Apart from the clothes, you’ll also find lots of bijoux, handbags and shoes here. See for yourself!

Things I scored here: a 90’s style loose, classic pattern silk blouse and a pair of yellow, retro sunglasses

Source: Dressing Room Budapest
Öltöző - Dressing Room Budapest, Dressing Room, Síp Street, Hungary

Ludovika VNTG Shop

Location: 15 Rumbach Sebestyén Street

Opening hours: MON-SUN: 12 am – 8 pm

Those with a sense for boho elegance will particularly enjoy spending time in Ludovika. The shop looks just as beautiful and neat as a Parisian boutique. I love everything about this place, the white wooden floors, the nice carpets, the colorful, hand painted circus scenes on the wall. The clothes also look carefully selected. They stock a great selection of dresses, blouses and skirts. But the wonderful leather bags will also make you want to spend some time here. And since the shop’s located in the very heart of Budapest near Gozsdu court, it’s pretty hard to miss.

Things I scored here: a leather mini skirt and a lovely hand embroidered denim jacket

Source: Prudence Earl Unsplash
Ludovika VNTG Shop Budapest, Ludovika VNTG Shop, Rumbach Sebestyén Street, Hungary

Retrock Vintage Designer Store

Location: 2-4 Anker köz

Opening hours: MON-SUN: 11 am – 9 pm

Located near Király Street, Retrock is another icon in the Budapest vintage clothing scene. Their store is probably the largest vintage outlet in Budapest, so you must enter with no hurry because there is a lot of cool things to see here. They offer designer pieces from 1960’s-1990’s. The designers include Chanel, Armani, Escada, Dior, Hugo Boss and Ralph Laurent. Many of the pieces are dead stock, so they’ve never been worn. They also have lots of leather jackets and boots, and works by young designers from all over the world like Peru, Thailand, Ecuador and of course Hungary. Every handcrafted product is created only in a limited number. You’ll also find old comics, movie posters, accessories and bags here. It’s a real treasure island for any vintage lover! Go and see!

Things I scored here: a Hungarian designer T-shirt from @derzsubags and a designer jumper from @selva_be_visionary

Source: Retrock Budapest
Retrock Vintage Designer Store Budapest, Retrock Vintage Designer Store, Anker köz, Hungary
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