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There’s something really amazing about almost half a million people from over hundred countries coming together to „join the love revolution” and celebrate a week of music, art, love and togetherness. But if you’re a first-time Sziget festival-goer, you may not know what to expect. Don’t worry though! In this pocket guide, we’ve collected what you need to bring with you and how you should prepare for Sziget, the biggest music festival of Eastern Europe to ensure you have a truly awesome time!

Packing checklist

Clothing and personal items:

Sziget festival can be pretty amazing if you packed everything you need, meaning you don’t have to spend your valuable time standing in long lines for stuff while missing out on all the fun. So, here is a list of items you definitely want to bring with you.

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  • your ticket: obviously
  • some sort of ID: so you can prove you are old enough to drink!
  • comfortable shoes: flip flops are fine during the day, but wear closed shoes to the concerts to avoid your toes getting stepped on. Sneakers or hiking boots are ideal especially when the ground gets muddy after a rain
  • warm clothes: although it’ll be pretty hot during the day, temperatures suddenly drop in the evening and you’ll want to have something warm with you for the night.
  • sunglasses and a hat: to protect you against the sun and look cool
  • a raincoat: leave your umbrella at home and bring a light rain jacket in case it rains
  • swimsuit: Sziget festival has a swimming pool for VIP campers and a small beach on the Danube riverbank, so it’s a must
  • bandana: when the weather is hot and dry, it gets super dusty on the island, so a Bandana or scarf can limit the amount of dust you inhale
  • a costume: if you are a bit of an eccentric, Sziget festival is the perfect place to show your true colors, so bring any crazy outfit you like, people will love you for it
  • a power bank: If you’re going to be taking pics, sending snaps and posting on social media, your phone will quickly die unless you charge it. Although there are places to charge, most likely they’ll be taken
  • cigarettes: if you are a smoker, make sure you buy a few extra packs (max. 20) before you enter the festival grounds, because there are only a few tobacco shops operating on the Island and the lines are long
  • basic toiletries: although there’s a small shop at Sziget festival where you can get a few essentials, again, why would you spend your time shopping for stuff when you could be partying instead, so you might want to bring a toothbrush and tooth paste, small shampoo, body wash, some kind of deodorant, a moisturizer and a towel
  • make up & body glitter: a necessary part of any girl’s festival attire
  • condoms: you never can be too careful…
  • vitamins and energy bars: you’ll be walking around a lot and partying without getting enough sleep, so help your body make it through the festival without getting sick
  • prescription meds: if you need them
  • over-the counter meds: pain and fever medicine, cough drops, eye drops, insect repellant, band aid, insect bite anti-itch cream are the basic items you’ll need
  • toilet paper and pocket tissue: no matter how long you stay at Sziget, toilet rolls and paper tissues are precious commodities for obvious reasons
  • wet wipes or hand sanitizer: handy to have in case getting to a sink with soap is out of reach
  • detergent: in case you haven’t brought enough clothes and need to wash them
  • sunscreen (with UVA and UVB protection, SPF 15 or higher)
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Camping gear: 

Before you buy expensive camping gear, consider whether you want to stay on festival grounds for a whole week. Although camping is great fun and you’re definitely much deeper in on the Sziget festival action, it’s also more difficult. Your tent can get flooded in a rainstorm, you need to wait in lines to shower and toilets are not always clean (especially as the festival progresses). If you opt for comfort, there’s a large variety of budget friendly accommodation in the city. And even if you insist on camping to have richer festival experience, consider Sziget festival’s accommodation options and camping accessories. You may not want to carry a tent, a blow-up mattress or a sleeping bag with you all the way from home when you can also rent them. Also, tents will most likely to get dirty or trashed by the end of the week, it’s better to rent than have your own destroyed. One more thing: if you do camp, make sure it’s somewhere shady and not too close to the stages or smelly toilet facilities. Assuming you already have the tent, inflatable airbed and sleeping bag dilemma covered, there are the rest of the stuff you’ll need: 

  • a pillow: you can either take one or just roll up your hoodie, it’s up to you, whatever you need for a well-needed sleep between days
  • a blanket: if you don’t have a sleeping bag, you’ll need some sort of blanket as even in August nights can get cold 
  • ear plugs: you won’t be getting much sleep unless you have these on you since programs continue until down and many people will party through the night
  • pocket flashlight: you’ll need light to find our way around your tent in the dark, some campers use their phones for this, but it will quickly use up your phone’s battery
  • cards/games: to play with your fellow campers and make friendships
  • small flag: it’s fun to bring your own country’s flag and place it near your tent, it’s a nice way of letting people know where you’re from
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What else to see other than concerts:

Although Sziget festival’s concert lineup is always legendary, make sure you don’t just stand around the main stage the whole time! Get a detailed festival schedule on the premises as Sziget has more than twenty different stages and performing areas packed with musical acts of all genres throughout the whole week. But the festival is not just about the music! There’re so many other things going on! You can watch entertainment acts such as standup comedy, amazing street acts, magic tricks and various dance, circus and theatre performances. There are themed parties such as Color, Confetti, Bubble, Balloon and Foam parties organized every night. You can also challenge yourself at activities like blindfold walking and wheelchair basketball at Sziget’s Ability park or burn off the calories by heading to a zumba, yoga or hip-hop class. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can even do bungee jumping. Sziget has a beach on the Danube waterfront where you can chill after a heavy night and even get a free massage. There are lots of wonderful installations designed by local artists and arts and crafts booths where you can get creative. Plus, there are plenty of workshops for all kinds of stuff like belly-dancing, energetic healing, modern board games, salsa, or animal protection with Jane Goddall. Moreover, Sziget festival has its own wedding tent where you can walk down the aisle with anyone or anything that’s close to your heart. 

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Don’t miss out on Budapest! 

Finally, make sure you don’t leave Hungary after the week-long festival without taking a nosedive into the treasures of Budapest. Sziget organizes daily boat cruising parties down the Danube if you want see some of the attractions without having stop partying or even leave the festival’s premises. If you want to see more, you’ll have to skip one day at the festival, but visiting one of the most amazing cities of Europe will be worth it. Whether you choose to visit one of Budapest’s many thermal baths, the Buda Castle or the fairy-tale like Fisherman’s Bastion, the Hungarian capital with its charming outdoor venues, colorful ruin pubs scene and beautiful 19th century architecture will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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