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The second installment of our introduction to Hungarian music selection will take you to the more relaxed side of the local music scene. After showing you the danceble and loud end of Hungarian culture, let us lead you into a more laid back and sophisticated world. Loaded with folk, jazz and soulful music, this is a part of Budapest’s music scene you won’t regret exploring!

Singer Songwriter

The Devil’s Trade

Somber and sad Americana from one scary dude. A banjo playing Hungarian folk songs? Yes indeed! His motto? Happy music is lame!

Papaver Cousins

Classic guitars in perfect harmony, with a traditional 60s folksy male dual voice layered thick over it all. Think Leonard Cohen or Simon and Garfunkel.

Duke Bluebeard

A young man, his classical guitar and an incredible voice that is taking the entire country by storm. Meet Duke Bluebeard and his melancholy brand of spine tingling folksy music. 


Classic American folk from a Hungarian rising star. Zanzinger plays no frills singer/songwriter stuff, tapping into the classics and dealing with very Hungarian issues while doing so.   

Folk/New Folk

Bohemian Betyárs 

Mixing balkan music, ska, and Hungarian folk, Bohemian Betyárs will have you dance your feet raw. Feel good, fun, and Eastern as all hell, this is the perfect soundtrack to one too many shots of pálinka in the inner city. 

Besh O Drom

A modern take on gypsy music that reflects the endless possibilities of this expressive, fast, and fun style of folk. Hard hitting and joyful, a night with these guys is nothing short of epic.

Szabó Balázs Bandája

For 10 years, Balázs has been blessing us with his unique brand of soulful folk music mixed with pop. Poetic and beautiful, and an absolute favourite of Hungarians everywhere.

Palya Bea

Classic Hungarian tunes delivered with an unimaginable depth of emotion only folk music can bring. One of the best female voices in music today.

Alternative, Jazz, Soul

Antonia Vai

A perfect blend of pop, soul and Hungarian folk from a distinctive voice in the industry. This Swedish/Hungarian singer and songwriter will have you daydreaming through one of her four amazing albums. 


Mörk are a relatively new band, but are extremely popular. Consisting of a bass guitar, synthesizer, drums and an incredibly lively vocalist!

Best Bad Trip

Jazz standards meet punk energy from this young ensemble of musicians. Horns, bass, incredible drumming, not shying away from improvisation or well played catchy hooks.

Korai Öröm

Pioneers of instrumental, psychedelic music in Hungary. Defying genres for over 2 decades, and bringing their own brand of complex and beautiful mind warping music.

Harcsa Veronika / Bin Jip

Harcsa Veronika is a well known local singer and songwriter, whose love of jazz will become apparent to anyone who gives her a listen. Bin Jip is her current band, and will leave no jazz enthusiast unsatisfied.

Where to Buy Their Records?

Wave (Budapest, Révay köz 1, 1065)

Akt Records (Budapest, Ó u. 35, 1066)

Deep (Budapest, Aradi u. 22, 1062)

Kalóz Records (Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 25, 1088)

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