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Hiking is proven to have many health benefits. Research shows that even a short walk in nature reduces stress and puts us into a much calmer and happier mood. Milder weather, beautiful autumnal colors and the crunch of fallen leaves make autumn a particularly ideal time to hike, and the Buda Hill hiking trails surrounding Budapest serve as a perfect location. Below, you’ll find three different Buda Hills treks from family friendly to more challenging, so you can choose the one that suits you the most.

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A Short, Family-Friendly Panoramic Hike to Apáthy Rock

This hike will take you to the Apáthy Rock lookout point. 

Length: 1,5 km

Starting point: End of Törökvészi road, the last stop of bus 11

How to get there: By public transport, take bus 11 from Batthyány Square and get off at the last stop (Nagybányai út), if you come by car, you can park your car at the end of Törökvészi Road

A popular hiking destination in the Buda Hills is Apáthy Rock (242 m). It’s easiest to access from the last stop of Bus 11. This Buda Hill trek is fairly short and also accessible with a baby stroller, so it’s ideal for families. The rock is also a lookout point, and there’s a large cross on its top. From this point, the views over Budapest and the surrounding hills are stunning. If you read the information boards, you can also learn about the local flora and fauna. There’s also a beautiful, 120-year-old Lebanese cedar tree in the area which is definitely worth a look. It’s not far from Apáthy Rock, located at 5-7 Kondor Road.

Source: Szenti Tamás, Wikimedia Commons

A Hike to the Beautifully Mediterranean Sorrento Rocks

This Buda Hills trek will take you to the area of ​​the Csiki Hills (Csíki-hegyek) towering above Budaörs, the grassy fields of Farkas-hegy (Wolf Hill) and the beautiful pine forests around Sorrento Rocks. 

Length: 7,8 km

Starting point: the public parking lot at the last stop of bus 21 near Csillebérc, in front of the KFKI building 

How to get there: take bus 21 from Széll Kálmán Square (M2) or Déli Pályaudvar (M2) and get off at the last stop (Csillebérc, KFKI)

From the bus stop, head south into the forest, taking the wide dirt road and follow the red square and the yellow round walk (körséta) signs. After a ten-minute walk, you’ll reach a junction. If you are here on the weekend, it’s worth making a small detour to the left – on the path marked by the red square – to the Frank-hegyi Tourist House, located on Frank Hill (417 m) at the edge of the forest. The restaurant offers a large selection of food and drinks and from its garden, you get to enjoy a beautiful panorama over Budaörs.  

Returning to the intersection, continue your way following the yellow round walk (körséta) sign. At the next junction, follow the red path towards Budaörs. After a few minutes at another junction, the red path continues to the left, but you need to stay on the path marked by a red cross, heading straight. Soon you’ll reach a road closed by a barrier, from here, you are in a nature protected area. After the barrier, the wide gravel road reaches the plateau of Farkas Hill (343 m). On the hill there is an old glider flying monument, commemorating the glider airport that used to be here. The wide, grassy area offers stunning views of the barren Csíki-Hills above Budaörs. 

The downhill road from here will soon turn into a wide gravel road, where the red cross mark will turn left towards Budaörs, but you should turn right towards the wide, unmarked forest road. After leaving the large meadow of what used to be Farkas Hill Airport on your right, you’ll reach Kies Valley (Kies Völgy) on a path through beautiful pines. After a ten-minute walk, there will be a yellow path crossing your way. Here, turn sharply to the right to reach the beautiful Sorrento Rocks, named after the Italian town near Napoli called Sorrento. Apparently, the Italian town has rocks on the beach and these rocks look similar. 

Following the yellow mark on the northern side of the Rocks, you’ll reach the outskirts of the Nagyszénászug belonging to Budakeszi in a good fifteen minutes. You’ll cross several paths, so you’ll need to watch the signs and go into the forest on a narrower path to the left – by the barrier painted green. After ten minutes, change to a yellow sign at the next junction. This path will take you to the asphalt road leading back to Csillebérc. Turn left on the asphalt road to return to our starting point.

Source: Wikimedia

Hike to the Árpád Lookout Tower, Goat Mountain, Hármashatár-Hill, Lion Rock and Big Wolf’s Throat

This hike will take you to the Árpád Lookout Tower, then bypassing Hármashatár Hill, you will climb up to Újlaki Hill (448 m), then return to your starting point on a comfortable Buda Hills trek, admiring great panoramic views and interesting rock formations. 

Length: 10,4 km

Starting point: leave from the bus stop / free parking lot in front of Fenyőgyöngye Restaurant in Szépvölgy

How to get there: by car, from the direction of Kolosy Square on Szépvölgyi Road. By public transport, take bus 65 from Kolosy square and get off at the Fenyőgyöngye stop 

Following the National Blue Hiking Trail, start climbing to the top of Látó-Hill (378 m) and reach the Szekler-style Árpád lookout tower in about 20 minutes. After that, you pass the steep, rocky side of Kecske Hegy (Goat Mountain – 383m), leaving a cross on a cliff on the right and reaching the Oroszlán-Szikla (Lion Rock) on the left side of the road. The Lion Rock is named after its special form resembling a sitting lion. 

After a few minutes’ walk, you’ll reach a large hiking trail junction called Határ-nyereg (300 m) with a rest area. There are many marked paths here. Look for the yellow path and keep right towards Virágos-nyereg. After a few meters turn right again to the green path. This comfortable, panoramic walking trail runs along the side of Hármashatár Hill and was named after forest advisor Károly Guckler. Leaving a rock formation on the right, the road after a large right turn enters a cave called the Big Wolf’s Throat (Nagy-Farkas Torok). Where the green path turns right, you should continue straight on a trail now marked with a green cross. After a ten-minute walk, the path to the left crawls down to the Tábor Hill cave. 

After visiting the caves, it’s time to head back. Take a big right turn on the side of Tábor Hill, and soon you’ll reach Hármashatárhegyi road. After crossing the road, follow the blue sign, turning left. Here’ll you’ll start to descent from Hármashatár Hill. The road reaches between houses, and at the intersection, you’ll find a blue press-well with fresh drinking water. From here, just follow the blue sign in the woods and you’ll get back to your starting point – the Fenyőgyöngye parking lot – in a few minutes. 

Source: Koskoci, Wikimedia Commons
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