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Honeymoon in Budapest Part 2

Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination can be a difficult task as it’s probably the most significant holiday you’ll have with your partner. If you are looking for a city honeymoon and willing to go beyond the obvious choices, Budapest could be the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Even more so, if you are a foodie. The Hungarian capital is not only famous for its many thermal baths but delicious gastronomy as well. In this article, we’ve collected the best restaurants to look up on a romantic date or an unforgettable honeymoon in Budapest.

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Budapest

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Caviar & Bull

Located next to the Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Caviar & Bull, one of the most prestigious restaurants of Budapest, seeks to present a unique dining experience to all its guests. Backed by a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, Chef Marvin Gauci and his team are currently working on raising the bar and setting new dining standards in the Hungarian capital one incredible dish at a time.

Caviar & Bull Budapest, Caviar & Bull, Erzsébet körút, Hungary


Baraka has been a fine dining foodie destination for French-Asian cuisine lovers since 2011. The dining room has a classy, relaxed, chic atmosphere with an open kitchen offering the best gastronomic show in town. The textures, flavours, and beauty of their dishes leave guests with unforgettable gastronomical memories. The well-balanced wine list and artisan cocktails make Baraka one of the most exciting restaurants in Budapest.

Baraka Budapest, Baraka Restaurant, Dorottya Street, Hungary

Babel Budapest

The back-to-the-roots idea of Babel Budapest is inspired by Hungarian traditions. The menu of Chef Istvan Veres is based on childhood memories and Transylvanian roots which the visionary chef boosts with his unique creativity, using simple and natural ingredients like hay, nettle or lichen. The wine list features a wide selection of nearly 200 Hungarian wines, carefully chosen by the restaurant’s sommelier to best accompany dishes. The result in an unprecedented fine dining experience in Budapest.

Babel Budapest Restaurant Budapest, Babel Budapest, Piarista köz, Hungary

Arany Kaviár Restaurant

The “Golden Caviar” restaurant in the Buda castle district is a Michelin Guide restaurant offering a unique fine dining experience. With stellar service and beautiful presentation, the Golden Caviar serves Russian food like you’ve never seen it. Excellent flavours – the home-smoked fish, the wild-boar pelmeni, the choice of caviars – and wine selection. Their three-course lunch menu is great value for money, but it’s well worth trying the multicourse fish dinner as well.

Arany Kaviár Restaurant Budapest, Arany Kaviár Étterem, Ostrom Street, Hungary

Spoon Restaurant Boat

Located beside Chain Bridge on the Pest side across the Buda Castle, the uniquely designed boat restaurant called Spoon is open all year long. In winter they welcome visitors in three different restaurants while in summer two wonderful open-air terraces are also available, ensuring that visitors do not only enjoy gastronomic pleasures but the magnificent views of Budapest as well.

Spoon Restaurant Boat Budapest, Spoon The Boat Restaurants, Hungary

The Best Live Music Restaurants in Budapest

Source: Opus Jazz Club

Opus Jazz Club

Opus jazz club is one of the most exciting places for music fans in Budapest. Their regular concerts present the most exciting artists from the European and Hungarian jazz scene, attracting a wide range of music lovers with an ear for fresh music. The club’s restaurant features international cuisine, offering unique dishes, delicious warm and cold concert bites and a variety of great Hungarian wines. For an unforgettable Jazz concert in Budapest, make sure to include Opus on the list of your honeymoon in Budapest ideas.  

Opus Jazz Club Budapest, Opus Jazz Club, Mátyás Street, Hungary

Halászbástya Restaurant

The Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant is a traditional Hungarian restaurant located at one of Budapest’s sightseeing highlights, the Fisherman’s Bastion. The stunning views from the restaurant – especially from its open-air terrace – are breath-taking.Every afternoon, guests can sit back and relax to the tunes of a Gypsy band playing international and Hungarian favourites. Whether for a full-course meal or just for sipping a glass of wine, the Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant is a place worth visiting.

Halászbástya Restaurant Budapest, Halászbástya Étterem, Hess András tér, Hungary

Fat Mo’s Music Restaurant Budapest

By providing guests with over 20 years of live concerts, remarkable dishes and a vast selection of drinks, FatMo’s has become somewhat of a legend in Budapest. A unique restaurant, pub, caféand club created in the style of the American Prohibition and Gangster era of the 1920’s, this place is worth visiting for a drink any time of the day. A friendly, attentive staff, a custom designed guest area, dining booths, private event room and a popular extra-long cocktail counter are all at your service. An irresistible live music restaurant in Budapest, Fat Mo’s should be on the honeymoon in Budapest list of every music lover.  

Fat Mo’s Music Restaurant Budapest Budapest, Fat Mo's Music Pub Restaurant, Nyáry Pál Street, Hungary

DobloWine Bar

Located near Budapest’s ruin bars, Doblo has become a cult Budapest place, where regulars and random guests create a unique mix while jazz musicians jam. Their wine list consists of wines from the best Hungarian wineries, sparkling wines, Prossecco and Champagne, but they serve Pálinkaand cocktails as well.As for food, their cheese and meat plates consisting only of home-made delicacies are probably the best cold plate experience in Budapest. If you enjoy a glass of good wine, make sure to include Doblo on your Budapest honeymoon list.

DobloWine Bar Budapest, DOBLO Wine Bar and Shop, Dob Street, Hungary

Simple and Cute Restaurants in Budapest

Photo by: Balázs Lukácsi

Zeller Bistro

It’s a cheerful, homey bistro with Hungarian home-style cooking and friendly service. They cook their food with the best ingredients from domestic farmers and producers and get their wines from small Hungarian wineries. Their mission is to serve the best quality food in a friendly atmosphere, where you can feel like home. As the place is popular with locals and tourists alike, reservation is essential.

Zeller Bistro Budapest, Zeller Bistro, Hercegprímás Street, Hungary

Zappa Bistro

Located in the Palace District at one of the most beautiful squares of Budapest, Zappa Caffe was established with the simple goal to maintain its quality and to create a friendly, cool place for people to meet and eat. This trendy restaurant at the heart of Budapest offers a wide variety of bistro foods and a lunch menu at a reasonable price between 12:00-14.00. They often organize concerts as well.

Zappa Bistro Budapest, Zappa bistro, Mikszáth Kálmán tér, Hungary


If you or your newly-wed spouse is a fan of travelling, then Dobrumba is a restaurant you should definitely visit during your honeymoon in Budapest. Inspired by the owners’ journeys over the past few years, the cuisine at Dobrumba incorporates flavors from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Caucasus. They offer Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Moroccan, Israeli, Lebanese, Georgian, Armenian and Turkish dishes with a curated wine list in a thoughtful, modern space in the city centre.

Dobrumba Budapest, Dobrumba, Dob Street, Hungary

The special ones

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Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant

Located near the Nyugati Train Station, Budapest, Sir Lancelot is a restaurant which takes you back in time. Food is served on wooden plates without cutlery in a medieval atmosphere while belly dancers and knights make sure you and your partner are not only served but greatly entertained as well.

Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant Budapest, Sir Lancelot, Podmaniczky Street, Hungary

Cat Café Budapest

If your newly-wed spouse is a cat lover, then Cat Café is the PURRfect place for you to visit during your honeymoon in Budapest. Located near the Basilica, the café has about 15 main coon and regular cats that you can stroke and play with while having your coffee and dessert.

Cat Café Budapest Budapest, Cat Cafe, Révay Street, Hungary

Dzsungel Café and Restaurant

This restaurant in a jungle-like setting in the heart of Budapest could be a great place to visit if you happen to be honeymooning with your kids. Whether you choose the Sahara sand, jungle lushness, ocean depth, or the pirate ship deck as a place for your dinner, in addition to the exciting environment, the exotic flavours will enchant you as well.

Dzsungel Café and Restaurant Budapest, Dzsungel Kávézó és Étterem, Jókai Street, Hungary

Zoo Café

This is a famous Budapest café that should be visited not for its food and drinks, but for its animals. Located near Kálvin tér, this place is like a miniature zoo where bunnies, cats and hamsters walk around freely and colourful parrots fly above while you enjoy your coffee and grilled sandwich.  

Learn more about the best things to do during your Budapest honeymoon with Pt. 3 of our series, The Most Romantic Sightseeing Tips in Budapest.

Zoo Café Budapest, Zoo Café, Fejér György Street, Hungary
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