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The most important meal of the day, Budapest style. One of the pivotal questions on holiday is where to get breakfast. Budapest is a great city, but admittedly, it hasn’t been great in the brunch and breakfast department. Until now. In recent years, breakfast in Budapest has taken off, in an effort to keep up with international trends. And as things have it, it turns out we can do some very unique gastronomical explorations in that department. Here is a short list of where to get the best breakfast in Budapest.  


Mitzi is a café near the illustrious Gellért bathhouse. As can be expected, this is quite the fancy affair. It is a posh and elegant café, with some very inspired rethinking of Hungarian classics. Their breakfast menu is a work of art; beetroot lattes, tapas varieties, mint omelettes, eggs benedict, granola, and their very own baked goods. If you are looking for a fine dining breakfast experience that is well affordable, this is the place for you.

Price range: Medium

Specialties: Home-made baked goods, fine dining fusion food, rethinking Hungarian specialties

Mood: Posh and artsy

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Á la Maison

The classic French brunch spot that Budapest has been seriously lacking. Thank God for this, now breakfast in Budapest can have that authentic French flavor. Think smoothies, breakfast platters, iced coffee, granola and cereal galore, with lots of gluten free and vegan options, and plenty of fruit. Croissants, pancakes and waffles are baked on premises, and perhaps a mimosa afterwards?

Price range: Medium

Specialties: Classic French sandwiches and breakfast platters

Mood: Traditional brunch

Source: Á la Maison Facebook


A small, cozy café that is run by a young couple who have their heart in creating a high end breakfast place in Budapest. They make sweets to warm your soul, along with smoothies and freshly pressed juice, the most wonderful home baked toast, hot chocolate specialties, and they roast their own coffee. As matter of fact, if I had to summarize Cinnamon in one word it would be: fresh. The vegetables and the fruits, the egg platters, the coffee, the bread, it’s all just so fresh. Definitely worth checking them out.

Price range: Medium

Specialties: Home made produce and bread, along with their coffee

Mood: Cozy and sweet

Source: Cinnamon Budapest Facebook


The breakfast place for the party district. Loud flavors, bold pairings, alcohol in the morning, but as can be expected, using high quality ingredients only. This was one of the first places to serve breakfast all day, and they keep their brunch up until 6 PM. This is the raunchiest and most American style brunch: pancakes smothered in maple syrup, bagels, crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, hash browns, big old watery coffee, the whole works. If you like an American breakfast, head on over to STIKA.

Price range: Low

Specialties: bagels, bacon, eggs, pancakes

Mood: Little bit touristy, very much midtown

Source: Stika Budapest Facebook

Á Table

Á table is a French restaurant that specializes in pastries and French snacks like quiche or pies. It is the best place for coffee and pastries, and they have several stands, mostly in Buda. Their breakfast is refined, delicious and very affordable. The only boulangerie in Budapest, highly recommended for fans of light, tasty breakfasts.

Price range: Low

Specialties: Cakes, quiches and of course, croissants!

Mood: Laid back, easy going and fun.

Source: Á Table Budapest Facebook

New York  Café

Definitely the most high profile mention on this list. The New York Café hosts an intercontinental breakfast that lasts until late. This building is a throwback to the days of cafés and Art Deco, and so this is a historic place, and the atmosphere exudes the faded elegance of the roaring 20s. Imagine a real, old school hotel breakfast, where you can feel like you are having breakfast in the last days of the Monarchy, and then hit the city, as the New York Café is located in the centre of Budapest.

Price range: High end

Specialties: Continental breakfast

Mood: Art Deco; Steampunk, without the punk.

Source: New York Cafe website


One of the first places to do brunch in Budapest, Déryné is a classy, yet unmistakably local bistro. Easy foods and a lovable atmosphere, supplying trendy ingredients, geared towards the local elite. Their breakfast menu has been making a splash recently, and you will not be too shocked to hear that they also have a claim to the best coffee in Budapest. Their Sunday brunch is the talk of the town, and is served until 4 pm. But this place is also great for lunch or dinner, and they have a wide selection of steak, and have their own bakery that they are very proud of.

Price range: Middle/high

Specialties: Oyster and seafood with a glass of bubbly.

Mood: Chic, metropolitan

Source: Déryné Bistro Facebook


Kuglóf is a sweet and tiny spot that specializes in baked goods. Part café, part bakery, and all about your sweet tooth, this place does breakfast Italian style: awesome coffee, sweet pastries, cakes, and maybe an egg or two as well. They serve brunch until 2 PM on the weekend, but until 11:30 on the weekdays, which is quite exceptional for Budapest. Their breakfast platters are perfectly assembled and very well rounded, and will have you filled up ‘till dinner.

Price range: Low/medium

Specialties: Loaded croissants. Try one, thank us later.

Mood: Sophisticated, intellectual café

Source: Kuglóf Budapest Facebook

London Coffee Society

So this one is for all you jittery caffeine addicts, who simply MUST have a cup of java before you continue your day. The London Coffee Society’s place in Budapest has filter coffee, cold drip, and pretty much every variation of the “black soup”, and is perhaps the best specialty coffee shop in Budapest. Their wise owners know that most people will only eat breakfast in a café, and they have set up accordingly, with poached eggs, eggs benedict, and special ready to make omelettes.

Price range: Low

Specialties: Coffee, omelettes

Mood: Blue bar

Source: London Coffee Society Facebook


A very cute and typical bistro of the kind that is trending nowadays, much to everyone’s delight. Friendly, cozy, healthy and with wide enough variety, but an emphasis on high quality ingredients and hand made craftsman sensibilities. They do brunch on the weekend, but you can pop in for a traditional breakfast any time. Although they only have 6 breakfast options, the ambience and wonderful selection of tea will keep them interesting.

Price range: Low

Specialties: Hungarian “french toast” (it is savoury, and served with sour cream and garlic), tea

Mood: Super cute

Source: Zoska Reggeliző Kávézó
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