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Hungarian music is known the world over for classical componists like Liszt, Bartók or Kodály, who revolutionized music as we know it. But how many of you know about Hungarian rock and roll? The current artists will blow your socks off, as Hungary has always had a strong musical vein, be it our extremely famous club scene, which exports Djs all over the world, our rock and roll, or our somber yet entertaining pop music. We have compiled a Spotify list where you can catch some of the tunes Hungarians are partying to today. Enjoy!

Rock, metal, indie rock

Middlemist Red

Amazing indie inspired power pop, mixed with bluesy southern rock. Somewhere between chorus pedal driven garage rock and dreamy amp worship.


Ivan and the Parazol

That early Rock and roll vibe, coupled with indie rock in an unmistakable style. Ivan and his band are the darlings of Hungary, especially with younger crowds.

Crippled Fox

Blistering thrashcore for those of you that like your hXc fast! Flip up your caps, bust out the bandanas, and brandish that positive mental attitude!

River of Lust

Psychedelic, female fronted rock from a young band that is already super professional both in delivery and in concept. Potent Led Zep worship with a touch of Grateful Dead.


They went from the Nirvana of Hungary in the 90s to bringing you Motorhead-esque rock and roll. Tankcsapda is a veteran band, enjoyed by everyone, with a huge and incredibly loyal following.

Where to catch a show: The best place for a heavy gig is definitely Dürer Kert. They have three stages, are located right next to the Városliget, the biggest park in Budapest, and put on the lion’s share of such gigs in the city.

Experimental, electronica, techno



Thoughtful and expressive electronica that is eclectic and touches on numerous styles, from drone and contemporary to drum and bass and even minimal techno. Sometimes also performing with a live band, sometimes as a soloist, but always delivering moving and emotional content.


Mixing electronica, powerful pop music with Hungarian and Balkan vibes, to bring soulful and massive, supremely danceable music. A big hit right now because of its dreamy quality and amazing live performances.

Isle of Man

Mixing electronica with a live band and  often the beautiful voice of Dalma Puskás, Isle of Man are a real treat for the ears. Heavily reverbed guitars mix with a powerful singing voice and laid back synths to give you music that is mesmerizing and unique.

Imre Kiss

Riding that synthwave, but yet somehow bringing gloomy and melancholic Hungarian feeling into it is Imre Kiss. We highly recommend his brand of danceable electronica to those who love IDM.


Resonant, deep and sensual house music. One of the darlings of the Hungarian club scene, and runs a very successful label that is well known internationally.

Where to catch them: The best club for audiophiles is without a doubt Larm. World class equipment, with tried and true masters of the trade working the knobs. The A30 boat is a rather large venue that also provides a spectacular audio experience, and its located on a boat in the Danube, giving it a special atmosphere.



Akkezdet Phiai

Lyrical, satirical and poetic with a tongue so sharp they wear band aids on their mouth. Sadly enjoying their last tour, few can twist this rather difficult language with such skill and ease as these two hip-hop legends.

Sör és Fű

Playful, fun and always true to that old boom-bap, this iconic duo is gaining a name for themselves. A gig by them is always fun and never disappoints, we recommend it to all you old school heads out there.

Slow Village

Real hip-hop in the tradition of the 90s East coast. Lyrically advanced, beats are on point, with a delivery that brings to mind the formative New York group Mobb Deep.

Irie Maffia

Hip-hop with a reggae focus. Deep and often political lyrical content delivered with passion and a zest for life.

Where to catch a show: Ellátóház is a fun venue and ruin bar that regularly holds hip hop shows. Dürer kert and the famous Akvárium, located in midtown right on Deák tér, is also known to give rappers a place to play.



Vera Jónás Experiment

Power pop that is distinctively Hungarian. Channeling the down home traditions of female fronted pop music, this is the most radio friendly, yet meaningful pop music you can find.

Babé Sila

An Eastern European Sadé, with a golden voice that is just dripping with sensuality. A touch of soul and gospel, with a hearty helping of classic pop, delivered by a woman that is destined to become world famous.


Downtempo electronica with a hint of pop music, wrapped in a uniquely Hungarian sound. Their track Island of Promise has become the soundtrack of HBO’s Golden Life series, so you may very well know them already.

Mary Popkids

Brit pop worship in all its glory. Fun synths, guitars and a distinctively British male voice that carries the huge choruses and sing along parts, with just enough accent to make it cute. Quality easy listening.

Where to catch a show: Pop music is best experienced on a huge stage, with a huge throng of people. Budapest Park is definitely the place for pop, but the Akvárium will also do, in a pinch.


The Have Fun Hungarian Music 101 Spotify Playlist

As we mentioned, here is your personal introduction to the Hungarian contemporary music scene. Check out the second installment of this article here, for more awesome Hungarian music!

Plug in and see how you can handle the Magyar boogey!

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