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Budapest has a long history of outstanding performing arts. Theater, ballet, musical theater, operas and light opera (or operetta) have all found homes in Budapest, and nurture long standing traditions in prestigious institutions. Although usually in Hungarian, there are tons of places that cater to English speaking audiences. Enjoy a night out in center city, and see what a live performance in Budapest has to offer.


The art of movement is widely celebrated in the Hungarian capital, be it folk dance, interpretive dance or classical ballet. These are usually performed in their own venues, and usually because they are presented differently. While folk dance is mostly (but not always) interactive, a ballet is meant to be seen, so you can usually catch that in one of the many Budapest theaters. Interpretive dance has deep roots here, Experidance being the most popular and well known Budapest dance troupe, but there are many others. Easy to enjoy ballet and vaudeville is frequently presented by the National Dance Theater (Nemzeti Táncszínház) all over Budapest, and is an easy to digest, child friendly production of classical greats and must see staples of dance.


Where to see it

If you wish to rub shoulders at a fast and fun folk dance event, and learn a few steps, visit Fonó. It is by all measures the center of the Táncház revival, and you can learn about folk traditions, too. Another great place to catch folk dance but from a slight distance is Danube Palace. They have dance shows several times a month, depending on the month.

The National Dance Theatre is located in the Millenáris Park on the Buda side. RaM Colosseum in the 13th district frequently holds Experidance and other modern dance troupes, and is one of the forerunners of dance in Budapest.

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Some upcoming events

Fonó is going to have a dance class and revelry, where beginners can learn Hungarian folk dance on February 4th, also known as “dance house” a must-try Hungarian staple for all curious dance lovers. From the 8th of February to the 11th, they are hosting  a dance house event each night, with the 11th featuring dances from the rural “Magyarszentbenedek”.

Experidance will perform at the RaM Colosseum on February 2nd, 8th, 9th, 19th and 20th. The National Dance Theater will have performances of Szabadság ‘89 on February 1st, and Anna Karenina on February 8th.



The Budapest music scene is vibrant, diverse, and has something to offer for everyone. There are multiple venues for classical and renaissance music, as we have written about here. If you wish to find out about the diverse genres of modern music in Budapest, read about them in our contemporary music guide. The world famous club scene and a burgeoning metal and hardcore scene both exist,a s well as a hip-hop scene that is filthy and fun. If you want to see a huge show, with a fun crowd and great atmosphere, go to a concert in Budapest. You will not regret it.

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Where to see it

If you wish to see classical music, MüPa is probably your best bet. The BMC (Budapest Music Center) also known as Opus Jazz Club also holds both classical and jazz performances. Opus is the best place for jazz and soul in the city, while Dürer kert are the undoubted lords of rock and roll. Mika Tivadar has danceable music from more or less every genre, and Larm is a primarily techno oriented place with a world famous sound system.

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Some upcoming events

February 5 and 6 will be very special at BMC, as the 5th will bring Israel’s pride, Liran Donin and his magical bass to Budapest, while the 6th the masters of improvisation, Tóth Viktor’s Arura trio. On February 7 an unconventional hearing of  Beethoven’s 1st and 4th will be held. Dürer will have a dark DnB and Hardcore night on the 31st of January, and on February 13th Das Efx will hit the main stage. All throughout February, Bartók will be celebrated at MüPa, but many other world class performances will also take place.


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Theater and Opera

The world famous Budapest Opera House holds events regularly, and if you love Opera, or acoustics in general, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When it comes to Theater, the Budapest Broadway, Nagymező Street is probably your best bet. It has the most theaters and cabarets in Budapest, and will likely have a performance in English.

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Where to see it

Trafó is a great place to see modern performances and contemporary theatre in Budapest. Sometimes experimental, sometimes classic, but always relevant and awesome, Trafó has many showings in English. The Opera is obviously the best place to see an opera.

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Some upcoming events: 

Porgy and Bess will be shown regularly at MüPa, and we highly recommend seeing it. The Opera will have showings of János vitéz, a very famous Hungarian piece, as well as Giselle, Giaconda and the Brothers Karamazov. Scallabouche theater, headed by Alexis Latham, has English language performances regularly, as does the Red Ball Theater.

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