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Budapest is not a typical destination when it comes to designer jewelry, but there are many local talents who have earned global recognition for their unique and creative jewelry design. If you wish to add a new piece of designer jewelry to your wardrobe, look no further. We’ve collected some of our favorite Hungarian jewelry designers below.

ZEMA Jewels

This brand is a real Hungarian treasure and the perfect representation of blending traditions with modern style and timeless values. Operating from Pálháza, a small town in North East Hungary, ZEMA is an award-winning manufacturer of porcelain jewelry with a special focus on sustainability and personal care. All of their stunning creations are made by porcelain craftsmen and craftswomen from their own designs, developed by talented local sculptors. Their careful touch can be felt in every one of their products. ZEMA Jewels are strongly influenced by Hungarian culture and local traditions making them perfect mementos of your Hungarian stay.



Dóri Visy has been designing handcrafted Hungarian jewelry for many years. She used to make larger items, but now she has much more refined, airy pieces. She studied to be a goldsmith in Florence and her unconventional vision is reflected in every one of her jewelry. Her greatest influence is nature. She’s fascinated by the colors of forests and oceans and believes that overconsumption is one of the main causes of our environmental problems. In response to the accelerated rhythm of life, her aim is to create durable, handmade products.


Rienne Creations

Adrien Nagy, the founder of the Rienne Creations graduated from the London College of Fashion and originally worked as a fashion designer in London, Milan and New York. She launched her own Hungarian jewelry brand in 2013 after months of significant work at the Marc Jacobs Collection. Her feminine and modern creations have a vintage, almost baroque style, yet they can be combined with almost any current fashion trend. Her collections are often inspired by exotic birds and distant travels. Each piece is handcrafted from top quality materials like crystal, silk, leather, semi-precious stones. Her collection includes bridal accessories and headdresses as well, which are presented at the Daalarna Fashion Show each year.

Source: Rienne Creations Facebook

Ilyés Juli

Ilyés Juli started out as a graphic artist, then turned to jewelry making and built a well-known and beloved brand in just a few years. The secret to her success lies in her fresh, innovative collections as well as in her unmistakable character that makes all her jewelry instantly recognizable.  She uses minimalist forms in her jewelry design, but she continuously experiments with new shapes and materials that express her brand. Some of her jewelry items are colored, others are monochrome. All her products express high standards, elegance and self-confidence.

Source: Ilyés Juli Facebook

Ruszkai Jewellery

Orsi Ruszkai creates handcrafted jewelry using mostly silver and gold, but she’s made accessories from plexiglass and – believe it or not – even from a matchbox. Pieces of her latest collection are small sculptures that proudly promote their unique style. She’s been involved with the goldsmith profession since childhood. Today, her work is also her passion. She believes it’s important to design pieces that are wearable and lovable, but also add a bit of extremity to our everyday life. Her items express roughness, rawness and sensuality. She often works with special materials, including semi-precious stones.

Source: Ruszkai Jewellery Facebook


Vanda was born into a family of artist, so she was destined to follow the same path. She was working as a goldsmith and jewelry designer already before receiving her degree at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Her jewelry pieces stand out by their richness of detail, subtle geometry and the use of extraordinary materials. She developed a signature style over the years: her first collection was based on wood veneer, but later she began to experiment with metal and carbon fiber. Her jewels go through constant evolution, giving them a very modern and timeless look.


EVE by Eva Remenyi

Éva Reményi, one of the most sought-after Hungarian jewelry designers started creating jewelry as a hobby. She has founded her own brand in 2012. Her large, characteristic pieces are all hand crafted using a minimal design, geometrical shapes and natural elements. The rhythmical repetition on the imposing jewels became a well-known mark of the brand. Her items are made for courageous women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Her brand follows current jewelry trends, this year she prefers clean-cut accessories that match classic, airy dresses. She believes women should always wear jewelry, but not too many, max. two-three pieces.

Source: EVE by Eva Remenyi Facebook
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