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Thinking of a place for high octane activities, Budapest is not the first city to come to mind for most people. The pearl of the Danube however offers much more than breathtaking sights, enchanting concerts and romantic walks in the park. For those of you who feel like jumping headfirst into adventure we have uncovered the lesser-known, supercharged things to dos in Budapest.

Lucky for all you adrenaline junkies, we hear your heart cry for more energy and more adventure, which is why weve compiled a to die for (but dont worry, not really!) list of six high-octane Budapest activities thatll have your heart in your throat, yet your mouth smiling ear to ear.

Caving in Budapests Secret Cave Systems

Source: Caving Under Budapest

At the top of our secret list of adrenaline filled activities in Budapest, is actually a place beneath the surface: Caving Under Budapest! Very few people are aware just how extensive the cave system that winds its way beneath Budapest really is. In fact, you could say that Budapest is the King of Caves. It is one of the only capital in the world where, under its bustling streets and sidewalks, an entire underground playground of over 200 caves is waiting to be explored. Created by the same thermal springs that pump their ways into the city’s famous spas, these caves can be explored via a 2-3 hour guided trek that’ll thrill even the most intense of adventurers. So, gear up (all caving equipment is provided onsite) and climb, crawl, and scootch your way, winding through an otherworldly web of intricate caves, complete with bragging rights waiting at the exit!

Caving under Budapest
Source: Caving Under Budapest
Budapest, Pál-völgyi-barlang, Szépvölgyi Way, Hungary

Budapest Skydiving Action

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a skydiver over Budapest! That’s right! You, too, can try skydiving in Budapest with local provider Millennium Tandem Team. Every weekend from April through October, you can join fellow thrill seekers in soaring through the Hungarian skies on tandem jumps. Free Falling in more than just a song, so get ready to launch yourself out into the air over Lake Balaton outside of the city, or Budapest, two of the company’s jump locations! Prepare for a wild ride, a jump like this is not for the faint of heart! For those who would rather experience indoor skydiving, Budapest offers that too!

Budapest Skydiving
Budapest Skydiving tandem
Source: antonin77 at Pixabay
Szigetszentmiklós, Tandemugrás-Tandemcentrum Kft., Petőfi Sándor Street, Hungary

Paintball in Budapest or a Laser Tag match?

Source: John Miller at Pixabay

Okay, admit it. Who doesn’t get great satisfaction out of completely nailing an opponent with a pellet gun filled with paint?! Hungary’s capital city offers several locales that let you splatter and sprint your way to your best day in Budapest. Equally exhilarating (and decidedly less messy!) is unleashing your inner spec ops operative in a round of laser tag. Laser tag in Budapest is a booming subculture with several laser arenas spread around the outskirts of the city.

Paintball Academy Budapest
Budapest paintball match
Source: John Miller at Pixabay
Budapest, Paintball Akadémia Sportegyesület, Telepes Street, Hungary

Wall Climbing in Budapest

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What should a climber (or an aspiring rock conqueror) do while in Budapest? Well, strange as it may seem, they can live out their passions to its fullest as this city is a low key wall climbers’ paradise! You can take your pick from a massive selection of high quality indoor wall climbing establishments from boulder clubs to massive wall-climbing halls. One of our favorite climbing spots in Budapest, Big Wall, even features an old factory chimney to tackle!

Bigwall Climbing Center Budapest
Boulder climbing activity in Budapest
Source: Shopify
Budapest, Bigwall, Károlyi István Street, Hungary

Wakeboarding around Budapest

Source: Pixabay

Any list worthy of adrenaline junkies’ respect would be remiss to not include the exciting sport of wakeboarding. Relatively new to the extreme sports scene, wakeboarding is catching on like wildfire in Budapest. In fact, local outlet LupaWake has opened an amazing center that lets you shred the waters of lovely Lupa Lake, a mere half hour drive away from the city center. It sure is pretty, but relax (or actually, don’t), you won’t be moving slow enough to appreciate the scenery too much!

Lupawake Budapest Wakeboarding
Wakeboard activity in Budapest
Source: Pixabay
Budapest, Lupawake Kft., Tó St, Hungary
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