Budapest is not only a hot spot for travelers thanks to its rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and relaxing bathing culture – but also due to the important role it plays in preserving health. In the past few decades the capital of Hungary has become a top destination for patients seeking professional healthcare services, as the city provides many positive attributes in preventive health measures, restoring health and medical tourism.

Budapest Healthcare Background

Starting with natural resources, the thermal waters of Hungary are an important asset to the country, and with its many therapeutic properties, the water to this day has a positive, curing effect on many physical and mental problems. Water plays a part in Budapest healthcare, as the thermal waters are rich in dissolved minerals (the exact type of mineral varies between water sources), and these have a profound positive effect on the blood circulatory system, arthritis and stress. The spas also offer many health-related services, such as massage treatments, electrotherapy and spa physician consultations.

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Apart from its natural health resources, the capital is also home to Semmelweis University, a research-led medical school founded in 1769. The university is one of the leading institutions of medicine and health sciences not only in Hungary, but within the Central European region too. With over 250 years of tradition and expertise, Semmelweis University covers all aspects of medical and health sciences, and because of this, Budapest doctors and their healthcare are world-class, including dental and oral services, plastic and reconstructive surgery, IVF treatment, and dietetics and physiotherapy – all of which can be found in the city.

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High Quality Services

Besides the wide range of medical treatments on offer and great lower-priced medical services, the leading reason tourists flock to Budapest – instead of any other European city – is the quality of available services. The expertise of doctors, nurses and medical staff is what makes Budapest a leading medical tourism destination for travelers who are seeking top quality services.

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Dental Tourism

The dental services offered in Hungary are world-famous in their own right, and Budapest dentists top the list! Hungarian citizens are provided with assistance cost-free, thanks to the National Health Service. For tourists, the services are still far cheaper than their Western counterparts, and of course, the provided quality is also arguably better.  There are many private clinics dotted across the city, and we’ve gathered together the best ones we recommend you visit, so you can experience Budapest dental healthcare at its best!

Dental Clinics in Budapest:
Helvetic Dental (Budapest, Révay u. 12, 1065)
Mdental (Budapest, Teréz körút 55-57, 1062)
Forest & Ray Dental (Budapest, Váci út 64, 1134)
Save on Dental Care (Budapest, Kassák Lajos u. 19, 1134)

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Plastic Surgery

They say the people of Hungary are some of the most beautiful in the world – and although we wouldn’t argue there, the world-class plastic surgery options in Budapest, with top of the range private clinics, will help anyone bring out the best version of themselves. Ranging from small corrections to further, more serious procedures, Budapest is a safe haven for those looking to go under the knife.

Clinics to Visit for a Budapest Beauty Boost:
Budapest Plasztikai Intézet (Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 7/8, 1051)
Pataki Plastic Surgery (Budapest, Számadó u. 6, 1118)


Laser Vision Correction

Another exciting area which has been fruitful within Budapest’s medical tourism scene is the opening of various laser vision correction clinics. There are many options, with clinics using cutting edge technology, the operations being completed in record time, pain-free and with payments to be made in installments.

Top Eye Clinic in Budapest:
Sasszemoptika (Budapest, Bécsi út 183, 1032)

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Hair Transplant Clinics

Although it’s not a well-known fact, but Budapest is also a central location regarding hair transplants clinics. Many plastic surgeon and hair transplant experts have decades of hair transplant experience in the city. The procedure itself (FUE hair transplants) can be completed in one day, with convincing results, affordable prices and special packages.

Recommended Hair Transplant Clinics in Budapest:
Hair Palace (Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 3, 1095)
HIMG Clinic (Budapest, Szegedi út 56, 1135)


In Case of Emergency

If you find yourself in trouble or in the middle of a health scare during your time in Hungary, it might be time to call the Emergency Services.
Make sure to note the official national emergency hotline number: 112.
It’s also possible to call a private emergency company with a 24h, English speaking hotline for an immediate SOS service.

Private Emergency Service:
Swiss Clinic (Budapest, Győri út 20, 1123)
Swiss Clinic Hotline: +36 30 992 0387

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