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One of the best tours from Have Fun Travel’s roster to take with kids! We can highly recommend it to all families, ours absolutely loved it. Focusing on activities that both parents and kids will enjoy, this one will sit well with everyone. Most of the tour is set inside of the park, so that left us with plenty of time for running, jumping, playing and romping around. The stops are really neat and informative. We got lots of ideas on what to visit later on (the spa, the zoo, the circus, you name it).

We started out in Heroes square, which is a beautiful square with statues and lots of open space. The kids loved the huge statues of the kings and the chieftains, because there were plenty of places to climb and look around. We must have spent at least an hour there. I really enjoyed listening to the educational information about the museums and the history of the square, while the kids were just running around having fun. The Zoo and the Circus were their favorites. They were even willing to listen to the short explanations about them from the app. Once inside the City Park there were plenty of places to stop for a moment and just play. This is so important for a family, and because you can go on your own pace with this app, you can sure take your sweet time. We grabbed a bite in the park, it was the best hamburger I’ve had in a while, so cheap, too.

Photo by: Balázs Lukácsi

Perhaps the favorite part of the entire trip was the castle, though. The Vajdahunyad Castle is a great place, the kids ran freely, and because of the app, I felt like I got to know the country a lot better. The kids climbed the enormous statue in front of it, they called him their wizard uncle. I loved the big medieval gate and the amazing interior. We took at least one million family pictures! Oh, and the cute little moat, with the bridge across it, beautiful!

Photo by: Balázs Lukácsi

The park is located in a central area, so it was very easy to get to and from. This ensured that there were no family feuds, and when the kids started getting grumpy, we just jumped on the bus and went straight back home (with a stop at the pizza place first of course). Since the tour didn’t go inside anywhere, even our smallest little meerkat loved it. The whole pack had a great time, which, frankly, seems almost impossible to organize mostly. Although we only saw it from the outside, the legendary Széchenyi Bath was something that captivated all of us so we made a note to return the next day for a good old Hungarian thermal-fun.

Photo by: Balázs Lukácsi

Overall, the tour was quite literally a walk in the park! Light on the feet with plenty of stops and places to sit and relax, we can recommend it to families of any size. Our kids couldn’t stop talking about it all next day! Városliget, we love you!

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