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The Walker Clan is back with an introduction into Budapest for kids! If you are looking for things to do with children in the Hungarian capital, we have got you covered! For those who havent met (okay, read) me yet,  I occasionally come online to share some of my best kept secrets for navigating through Budapest, all while bringing along our brood of four! 

So read along and let me walk you through the best kid-friendly things to do in Budapest!

Hopping away in a giant playhouse

At the top of my list for a super-fun way to spend a day are playhouses (you may refer to them as indoor playgrounds). These are the perfect places to really pump your kids up, while also allowing their bodies (and minds!) to run wild. Our particular favorite while we’re in Budapest is Milipop Playhouse. Not only is it the biggest and newest playhouse, but it’s located in a really bustling area of Buda, so I can do some shopping while the kids are at it. Amid the various playground equipment, games, and activities, my two kiddos rarely stop running, jumping, and climbing for a moment, so by the time we are ready to head home, I practically have to drag them away!


Explore the largest zoo of the region

Now, I don’t know about you, but my kids absolutely adore animals! Be it their non-animate stuffed animals or the dog next door, anything animal-related brings a smile to their faces. So, imagine how stoked they are when I take them to The City Park, which, as well as having loads of green space for them to run around and play, there is a bonafide zoo! Another great thing about this park is that, no matter what time of year, every season is the season to explore! In winter, there’s an excellent ice skating rink, while in the summer months, there is a rowing lake (which happens to be the same lake as the skating rink…you got to love that creative recycling!)

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Hike the family hill of Budapest

For those that are really into the outdoors, Budapest’s best kid-friendly hike is János Hill, which just happens to be the highest peak in Budapest! Good news for those parents, or perhaps the wee ones that might not quite be old enough to handle that hill, there is an awesome children’s railway that will also take you straight there! We often let our eldest go with dad by foot, while I ride with our youngest up, up, up on the railway, meeting them at the top! There is also a chairlift track between Zugliget and János-hegy, that takes you up the hill in little flying chairs offering breathtaking views to the city on the way. The perfect sightseeing program for the mild days of summer!

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Explore the most wonderful family activities in Budapest

My favorite place is just wonderful! Or…wonder full? Anyways, it’s called the Palace of Wonders, and basically, it’s an indoor extravaganza filled to the brim with educational toys, games, and puzzles, most of which are geared towards science. With loads of interactive offerings, kids will love getting to roll up their sleeves and jump right in!

Best of luck, you Budapest broods!

Millipop Playhouse
Budapest, Millipop, Millenáris park, Hungary
Capital Zoo, Budapest
Budapest, Budapest Zoo, Állatkerti körút, Hungary
Budapest, János Hill
Budapest, János-hegy, Hungary
Palace of Wonders, Budapest
Budapest, Palace of wonders, Bécsi Way, Hungary
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