A conscious lifestyle does not need to be suspended while exploring the world! You have so many options to care for the environment while in Budapest. In this handy guide we will reveal the best ways of being a conscious “Ecotourist”.

Barbara Ward, a highly respected British economist and advocate for sustainability, once said, “We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” This is sadly true, especially when it comes to tourists. While we by no means seek to encourage you to curb your inner travel bug, we have compiled some clever (and surprisingly easy!) ways to help you practice sustainability and tread lightly while en route around the world. After all, here is where we will disagree with our old pal Kermit the Frog: It is, in fact, quite easy being green!

Opt for an Apartment

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When it comes to deciding where you will stay, look to the locals. With so many options like Airbnb and other online forums offering accommodations owned and hosted by locals, it’s a great way to not only avoid the wastes that accompany large hotel chains, but to boost the local economy by paying directly into the pockets of residents. And if you must stay at a hotel, look for those operators who are most eco-friendly with their amenities. For example, look for those using solar power and who are LEED certified (a fancy way of saying eco-friendly) in regards to best business practices and sustainability.

As you are enjoying your stay, a few tips to remember can also limit excess and waste:

Conserve energy by turning off all lights, air conditioners and heaters whenever you leave.

Hand wash and hang dry all clothing items that you can

Keep it in the Neighborhood

Shopping and dining locally (think farmers markets and smaller, family or individually-owned restaurants operated by residents) is an easy (and delicious) way to both support the local economy, while also greatly decreasing both wasted fuel emissions and unnecessary costs associated with transporting goods and foods.

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Remember the Three R’s

When aiming to narrow your carbon footprint while traveling, remember the three R’s, the trio that shows you’re loving the planet, while also soaking in the world’s scenery. So remember: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! It really is as easy as 1-2-3.

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1. Reduce gas emissions by taking public transportation whenever possible. Ideally, use the city’s public transport system, ride a bike or an electric scooter, or better yet, walk wherever you can. And, if you must rent a car, opt for a more eco-friendly electric or hybrid vehicle when booking.

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2. Reuse any items you can. Easy rules of thumb for this include carrying a refillable water bottle, bringing your own reusable bags when shopping, carrying your reusable own utensils (to avoid throwing away unnecessary plastic ones), and basically, avoid any single-use items like the plague (think plastic takeaway containers, plastic bags, and the like). And don’t forget one of our very favorite tips, which involves caring for your lovely locks and skin. When traveling, instead of falling into the all-too-common tourist trap of purchasing single-use kits filled with teeny tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner and the like, which will be thrown away after one or two uses, make one purchase of a travel-size bottle for each toiletry, then refill it as you travel, bringing those same bottles to each destination (just be sure they’ll pass security size regulations!)

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3. Recycle everything possible. The great thing about this option today is that most countries and cities bend over backwards to make this option available to you, even if you are just passing through. So, if your accommodations don’t have an easily accessible recycle bin, look online or ask around for city-sponsored large recycle bins (aka “recycle islands”). For those staying in Budapest, here is a link pinpointing our “island destinations!”

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So, as your pack your bags and dream of your next destination, just remember the tried and true saying, “Love your mother!” Mother Earth that is.

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