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Despite the heavily meat-based nature of the Hungarian gastronomy, those with a vegan diet don’t need to feel left out either. Veganism in Budapest is becoming ever more popular the past few years with new vegan themed restaurants popping up all over the city and more and more venues putting animal product-free dishes on the menu.

In this following list we have compiled our favorite all-natural, all-vegan restaurants and food joints in Budapest so you can just sit back and enjoy the best of vegan heaven.

Vegan Garden

The first plant-based food yard in the world, Vegan Garden is the latest addition to Budapest’s emerging meat-free scene. Hosting some of the most delicious and most popular vegan restaurants of Budapest in a large, green garden, this is hands-down the perfect place to start your plant-based adventures in Budapest.

Where to find them: At “Rácskert”, a garden of sustainability at the heart of the party district, on Dob Street.

Source: Vegan Garden


Set in the garden of the famous ruin bar, Anker’t, Hungary’s first vegan specialty pizzeria couldn’t be further away from your regular, old pizza place. Combining Italian food-craftsmanship with high-quality, plant-based ingredients, Vegazzi creates original Neapolitan pizzas, the traditional way. Made strictly from Neapolitan ingredients proved for 48+ hours and baked for 60-90 seconds in a 485 °C wood fire oven makes their pizza real, gastronomic poetry.

Where to find them: Inside the Anker’t ruin bar on Paulay Ede Street.

Source: Vegazzi

Las Vegan’s food trucks

Las Vegan’s is an original vegan hamburger bar in real street food fashion, operating strictly from food trucks. Introducing street food courts to the vegan community, this small franchise specializes in delicious burgers and plant-based, healthy fast food in 3 locations around the city.

Where to find them: At the Karaván udvar food truck court on Kazinczy Street; Inside Allee Street Food center at the Buda side; At Vegan Garden on Dob Street.



This stylish Budapest vegan street food place is a real treat for those looking to experience the contemporary face of Hungarian gastronomy. The lovely setting and varied cuisine consisting of fully stacked burgers, a range of soups, take-away “lunchboxes” and mouth-watering desserts from fresh, locally produced ingredients makes Tökmag an irresistible gastro adventure, not just for vegans.

Where to find them: At Hollán Ernő Street near the Pest end of the Margaret Bridge.

Source: Tökmag Restaurant

Vegan Love

Started as a meat-based street food business in Budapest, Vegan Love has grown into one of the most popular vegan burger joints. Pick your potion from their burger, hot-dog and chili dog, gyros, mac ‘n cheese and several other delicacies made (naturally) from plant-based ingredients!

It’s worth it to look up their original venue, Magic Burger as well which offers more and more pant-based dishes and Mexican specialties!

Where to find them: At Bartók Béla Street near the foot of Gellért Hill.

Source: Vegan Love Restaurant


This restaurant is the perfect vegan equivalent of the popular Hungarian diners with their wide range of soups, salads, traditional Hungarian foods, such as stuffed cabbage, pizzas, raw vegan specialties and a selection of desserts. They also offer daily menus during lunch time so you don’t need to get lost in the paradox of choice.

Where to find them: Few minutes from the Ferenciek tere metro station.

Source: Napfényes Restaurant


The best way to try the widest range of animal product free dishes, this restaurant operates a buffet-style system, making it possible to sample anything and everything your heart desire. The ever-growing selection at 827Kitchen includes Hungarian classics and delicious desserts.  Look them up in the city center at Kálvin Square.

Where to find them: At 2 locations:  At Kálvin Square and in the 13th district near Árpád Bridge.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Naspolya Nassolda

Sweet snacks and a healthy diet CAN actually go hand in hand! And the curiously named Naspolya Nassolda pulls no punches trying to prove this fact. Literally meaning snack-place, Nassolda has it all when it comes to Hungarian desserts. From pies, a range of cakes and cupcakes to truffles, bonbons and granolas, this is THE place for a sweet, vegan breakfast in Budapest!

Where to find them: Near Bajcsy Zsilinszky út, in the city center.


Vega City

Finally, this place is all in one: a vegan restaurant working from fresh ingredients at the city center with everything on the menu from sushi to spaghetti and a vegan grocery store right next door. Vega City is a one stop shop for anyone looking for a taste of the Budapest vegan lifestyle. And what a taste it is!

Where to find them: A few steps away from the Kálvin tér metro station.

Source: VegaCity Budapest

The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Budapest

Vegan Garden Budapest
Budapest, Rácskert, Dob Street, Hungary
Vegazzi Pizzeria
Budapest, vegażżi nápolyi pizzéria, Paulay Ede Street, Hungary
Las Vegan's Food Truck Karaván Udvar
Budapest, Street Food Karavan Budapest, Kazinczy Street, Hungary
Tökmag Vegan Street Food Budapest
Budapest, Tökmag Vegan Street Food, Hollán Ernő Street, Hungary
Vegan Love Restaurant
Budapest, Vegan Love, Bartók Béla Way, Hungary
Napfényes Restaurant
Budapest, Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionery, Ferenciek tere, Hungary
827 Vegan Specialty Kitchen
Budapest, 827 Speciality Kitchen - Vegán étterem, Zsilip utca, Hungary
Naspolya Nassolda Confectionery
Budapest, Naspolya Nassolda, Káldy Gyula Street, Hungary
Vega City Restaurant
Budapest, Vega City, Múzeum körút, Hungary
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