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Summer festivals in Hungary are all the rage! The past two decades have seen the rise of dozens of Summer festivals, and Hungarians just can’t get enough of them. Music festivals that are linked to a particular location or genre of music are well known and loved, but every kind of food and drink has its own festival in Hungary now: there are several Pálinka festivals, festivals dedicated to Kolbász (a fine Hungarian sausage), craft beers, wine and fine dining, as well as every imaginable form of art, culture and craftsmanship.

But summer festivals in Hungary are (for the most part) about the music. They are fun, attended by throngs of people, and appeal to their massive audiences through a combination of affordable tickets, cheap beer and great atmosphere. No matter where you like to party, and what you like to listen to, we are absolutely certain there is a summer festival you would really enjoy. Here is a look at the best summer festivals around Budapest in 2019.

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1. Sziget

Sziget fesztivál is the premier festival in Budapest, and is certainly the largest one. It is a week of massive partying on one of the islands of the Danube, with enormous stages housing international acts and DJs, with every kind of music represented. This is a must for zealous festival goers and backpackers, as the festival has an international cult following of fun loving maniacs! This year, Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, Foo Fighters, 21 Pilots, Franz Ferdinand, Years and Years, and Florence and the Machine are going to be headlining, to name just some of the amazing acts. Full list on Sziget Festival’s website.


When: August 7- August 13

Where: Hajógyári sziget in Budapest.

What: Every imaginable kind of music for a week of intense partying on an island in Budapest.

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4 days of awesome music and an enthusiastic crowd of youngsters in Sopron, one of the most beautiful cities of Western Hungary. This veteran music festival is eclectic, and draws large crowds because of its scenic location, amazing line-ups, and friendly atmosphere. Slipknot, Cypress Hill, Black Eyed Peas, Parov Stellar, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Martin Solveig and Slash will be playing this year, plus a whole slew of amazing talent. More info on Volt’s website.


When: June 26-29

Where: Sopron, Lővér Camping

What: An amazing, eclectic, and enormous music festival with tons of attendees.

How to get there: If you are leaving from Budapest, you can take a train or bus to Sopron, or you can catch a special Volt festival bus (more info here) from Népliget! You can also drive there very easily.

source: Budapest Business Journal

3. Balaton Sound

Do you love club music, and adore house and deep genres? Have we got a festival for you! Enjoy club classics and lounge anthems, not to mention soul and rap music in the great outdoors next to the largest lake in Hungary. Ibiza in the East, Balaton Sound will be hosting the best Djs and live acts imaginable, with Future, Armin van Buuren, the Chainsmokers, Sean Paul, Marshmello, G. Eazy, Tiiesto and Paul Kalbrenner, making appearances this year. Full lineup on their website.


When: July 3-7

Where: Zamárdi, near lake Balaton

What: The largest electronic music festival in Hungary, in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

How to get there: Frequent bus and train routes, but easily accessible by car as well. They also have an official Balaton Sound Transfer Bus, which goes between Budapest and the Festival grounds, with 2 separate locations in Budapest (Népliget and the Airport).  

source: wikipedia

4. Ozora

A psychedelic trip to a forest world of peace, love and trance! The largest Goa festival, with psytrance, straight up, chill and plenty other stages to support all aspects of trance and psychedelia. This festival is really about community and spirit, and is located in an out of the way location to maximize the effects of oneness and unity, and is thus dubbed a “Psychedelic Tribal Gathering”. For more info about the festival and its mission visit Ozora’s website.


When: July 29- August 4

Where: Dádpuszta, Hungary

What: A psychedelic tribal gathering of goa trance, outside of civilization.

How to get there: To reach this secluded oasis, you will need to take a shuttle bus from Simontornya. There are several shuttles leaving from Budapest as well. The festival grounds are easy to reach by car (GPS coordinates:  46°46’12″N 18°26’12″E), but are far away from public transport, so we seriously recommend using a shuttle bus.

source: wikipedia

5. Budapest Summer Festival

The Budapest Summer Festival is not a singular event, but a string of events held in three locations: The Margaret Island Outdoor Theater, the Water tower, and the Városmajor. During the neigh three month celebration of Summer, musicals, theatre, concerts, and all sorts of high culture events are held. This year, Nigel Kennedy will be playing his famous violin, Pink Martini will host an evening, and viewings of Turandot, Cavalleria Rusticana, and the premier of Barbarian Nights can be seen. More info on the festival’s website.


When: June 1st- August 31st

Where: Two locations (the Outdoor Theatre and the Watertower) are located on the Margaret Island, and the third, the Városmajor, is located next to Széll Kálmán tér in Buda.

What: A season long, outdoor celebration of the arts, that lasts all summer long.

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6. Művészetek Völgye

Kapolcs hosts the Valley of the Arts, which is a week long artisan fair, festival and exposé of current Hungarian art. Theatre and music mostly, but craftsmanship, film, the Circus and everything in between can be found here. A one of a kind creative experience that is family friendly, with great food and atmosphere, and a lot of workshops where you will be given a chance to create something meaningful. Find out more about this amazing event on their website.


When: July 19-28

Where: Kapolcs

What: Arts and crafts fair with live music, workshops and theater.


7. Kolorádó

Kolorádó is a newer festival, and caters to the younger generation of the Hungarian intelligentsia. Artsy and radical, Kolorádó is a lot of fun, and presents the avantgarde of Budapest and the world. Hidden venues in the outskirts of Budapest, and a magical getaway of art, sound and sight await those who venture on this crazy ride. More info on the website of Kolorádó festival.


When: June 19-22

Where: Hűvösvölgy, Budapest

What: An avantgarde music festival that is fun and accessible, and located on the outskirts of Budapest, in the woods.

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8. Efott

One of the oldest musical events in Hungary, dating back well into the communist era. This is a meeting of Hungarian University students, held in different locations each year. This year it will be held at Velence, a town on a beautiful and scenic lake, and will feature mostly Hungarian acts, but will have Rita Ora and Gianlucca Vachi, as wella s other international acts. More info on Efott’s website.


When: July 9-15

Where: Velence

What: A huge music festival geared towards Hungarian University students, featuring tons of local talent.

How to get there: You can take a bus or train from Budapest and be at Velence within an hour, but festival buses are also available.

Source: ruineves at Pixabay

9. B.My Lake

Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in Hungary, so it should come as no surprise that it hosts 2 amazing Summer festivals. This one caters to a different audience entirely, but also focuses on electronic beats and is located in Zamárdi. Sven Vath, Hot X, Dax J, and Adam Breyer will be spinning, among others. Check out the full line-up on B.My Lake’s website.


When: August 21-24

Where: Zamárdi, near lake Balaton

What: An electronic music festival on the lake Balaton

How to get there: You can take a train or bus fairly easily, or go there by car. They also have shuttle buses that pick up travellers from Budapest.

source: wikipedia

10. Festival of Folk Arts

The Festival of Folk Arts (Mesterségek Ünnepe) takes place in Buda castle, and is a cross between a Renaissance fair, an outdoor market and an Arts and Crafts expo. Not only can you buy high quality, unique, handcrafted goods in a festive setting (complete with great food and quality alcohol), but there is also entertainment;  folk music and danceable classics being the main focus, with artisans and dance troupes making regular attendances as well. Each year, a single craft becomes the focal point of the festival, and this year it is the art of sewing and crocheting. More info on the website of Mesterségek Ünnepe.


When: August 17-20

Where: The Buda Castle

What: An artisan fair and market, where you can learn about crafts and artsmanship in a festive setting with live music.

If you are visiting Budapest in the Summer, we highly recommend dwelling into the festival culture here. It is a very central aspect of many people’s lives, and has become central to Hungarian party culture. It is an unforgettable time, and is one of the best ways to experience the local way of life.

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